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Alie Berrelez
Alie Berrelez: Berrelez was playing with her baby brother in front of her family's Englewood apartment complex when she was kidnapped May 18, 1993. For four days, police combed the metro area before Yogi, a common-looking bloodhound, led police to the girl's body near the mouth of Deer Creek Canyon.

Alie's body was concealed in a duffel bag and dumped into a ravine. Police questioned Nicholas R. Stofer as a possible suspect, but Stofer eventually was cleared from suspicion.

Out of her death came the Alie Foundation, an advocacy group that buys bloodhounds for police departments.
• May 18, 1993: Aleszandra Ariel “Alie” Berrelez was playing in the courtyard of the Golden Nugget Apartments, 200 W. Grand Ave. in Englewood. A woman watching the children left them alone for a few minutes, and when she returned, Alie was gone. Three days later, a police bloodhound named Yogi led officers on a 14-mile trek from the apartment to Deer Creek Canyon. There, investigators discovered Alie’s body stuffed into a green canvas bag. Years later, the cold case was revisited and DNA comparisons revealed a match with a man then living in the apartment complex, Nick Stofer. Stofer died in 2001 in Arizona.

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