OTHER handwriting samples
Going to start with one by a woman we called "Nancy" online.  She swears she wrote the note as a favor for a friend - the friend, who I will call Mary, was writing a book and it involved a child being kidnapped.  Mary wanted an image of a ransom note for her book so asked "Nancy" to write this.  It was dictated and rolled up to be stored, according to Nancy.

ANYWAY, Nancy drove to NC to meet with me and I did not take anything from her but asked her to write this in front of me.  I opened a copy of DOI and had her copy a page so I could see that she didn't write it slowly and carefully, but in a normal fashion.

What do you think?  Pretty close to most eyes.  But the experts said it was not a match.
When I first clicked the picture I was just looking at the handwriting and first glance i thought it was a portion of the original ransom note. The handwriting looks incredibly similar. I don't understand how they can rule this person out so quickly, yet Patsy was still not completely ruled out as the author. Patsy's samples never looked close to me but this seems almost on the money. I wonder what the analysis results were and how they ruled with out.
To match names to the later handwriting samples, look up Eric Harris and Dylan Kleibold (school shooters) and Kurt Cobain.

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