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Jan. 07, 1997 - Ramsey Update #11
January 7, 1997
Leslie Aaholm or Kelvin McNeill
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Ramsey Incident News Release #11
(Note to Editor: Boulder City Manager Tim Honey provided the following remarks to the Boulder City Council on Tuesday, Jan. 7, 1997)
Statement from Boulder City Manager Tim Honey:
"As all of Council and members of our community are aware, Boulder is in the national media spotlight following the tragic death of JonBenet Ramsey. This spotlight has resulted in some criticism, observations and comments about how police are handling the investigation.
I want to publicly express my 100% support for our police chief, Tom Koby, and the men and women of the Boulder Police Department. They are doing an outstanding job of staying focused on our collective goal in this situation: finding out who killed JonBenet and securing a conviction. We have committed a tremendous amount of resources to this investigation and I have assured the Chief of the continued support of everyone in the City organization, especially our communications division staff, Leslie Aaholm and Kelvin McNeill.
To the community, I remind you that the Boulder Police Department has a long history of accomplished and professional police work. Certainly emotions in the community may run high at times seeing our community in the national spotlight, please know that your police department is doing everything possible to ensure that this tragic crime is solved and that your community remains a safe place for you and your family."

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