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dw interview 12/27/1996
large white binder with people  many tabs

As of 12/27/1996    

Daphne and JBR = Best friends

Fleet and Burke = Good friends

Patsy and Priscilla = best friends

Fleet and John = Good friends.
Fleet (and Priscilla?) were met by an uniformed police officer when they got to the house. Both John and Patsy were upset and hysterical. John Fernie was also there. (His wife came later.) White understood JonBenet had been kidnapped but did not know of the ransom note right away (apparently that had been taken away already, copies would be returned but the actual note protected.)

Daphne White had disappeared a year before and after 45 minutes she was found curled up in a ball under her bed. Because of that memory and not knowing about the ransom note, Fleet started searching the note for JonBenet, calling out her name. When he went into the basement, lights were on. He noted the broken window, not open but unlatched. Not much glass there.
He went up the stairs and reported the broken window to a male officer (unnamed) and it was only then that he heard about a ransom note.
Burke was taken to the Whites' house, as were the Fernie children. He got back to the Ramsey house around 8 and then the Victims' Advocates arrived.

A copy of the ransom note appeared and was left in the downstairs study where everyone could see it, read it, discuss it.

page 10 of the interview has an interesting sentence. "At approximately 12 noon, the Ramseys were becoming more hysterical and distraught because the call had not been received." White went on to say he had seen John under stress before but never seen him that upset.

From what Fleet told David Williams on the 27th, he had been looking in the boiler room when John opened the door to the windowless roomWhite said John turned on the lights and yelled "Oh my God. My baby!" Fleet went in and sw JonBenet on the floor, coveered with a blanket with one foot exposed. He touched the foot and it was cold. Then he ran upstairs yelling for someone to call 911.

White went back to the windowless room within minutes - he handled the blanket and tape. He thought there may have been more than one blanket? He went back upstairs, got a cop and they both went down to the windowless room. When he got back upstairs the minister was praying over the body.

White said he told police that the Ramseys were the "kindest" people he had ever known and that they rarely, if ever, raised their voices to the children. The kids were well-behaved according to Fleet. He said he did not think the Ramseys had acted inappropriately that day.

Fleet Russell White Jr. dob 5/19/1949

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