Christmas Night
I have seen some photos taken at Fleet White's house on Christmas night.  Patsy in her red sweater and plaid jacket, John in his black sweater and kacky pants.  And a very tired Daphne and JonBenet playing on the floor with that bead making set.  They both looking absolutely exhausted.  Dazed.  Looking at the camera. No smiles left, so tired.  And what did I notice that made me smile?  They were both barefoot.  Childhood personified.  Christmas tree there, gifts and fun and family all around, exhausted , playing.

It should have been a wonderful memory.

Hard to look at the images and think she had just hours left to live.
The end of Christmas night is always so exhausting for children. Especially mine, lol.

They had such a wonderful Christmas. Im sure they were thinking how wonderful the day was.. JonBenet was thinking about all of her Christmas Presents... Im sure John and Patsy were tired and also preparing (mentally) for their travel day ahead.

Little did they know the killer was most likely waiting for them at the house. Their dreams and life were about to be shattered and changed forever. It gives me the chills thinking about it. Its a reminder on how life can change within seconds..

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