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info from others
starting with Frank Coffman

"10 . "uncorroborated stories"
Posted by MaskedMan on May-04-00 at 11:19 AM (EST)
Steve Thomas presents many unsourced and uncorroborated stories.

On page 5, he presents the improbable story that JonBenet was chilly at a restaurant,
but Patsy wouldn't let her put on a jacket because "You're still on show." Steve Thomas
didn't identify his source, but I know that this is one of Judith Phillips' urban legends.
When I aksed Judith about where and when this episode happened, she said that she
didn't know and that she didn't see it herself. She said someone else had seen it. I
asked her, "Who saw it?" She wouldn't tell me. So, this is just an unverified third-hand
Judith has done this repeatedly. She's lied to me about what she supposedly knows. She
would claim to have first-hand knowledge about something, but then she'd change her
story when I tried to pin her down. For instance:
Judith told me that Priscilla White had told her that John Ramsey tried to discourage
Fleet White from entering the wine cellar room on Dec. 26, 1996. I believed that story
for a long time. She was the source for a story to that effect in the National Enquirer of
April 1997. When I found out later that that never happened, I asked Judith how Priscilla
could have been so wrong about that. Then, Judith admitted that, uh, well, she didn't
hear the story directly from Priscilla, but from someone else...
Steve Thomas used Judith for several dubious stories. She is the anonymous "family
friend" whom Steve Thomas mentions. It wouldn't occur to Steve to double-check his
information, since any story unfavorable to the Ramseys is automatically true to him.
Positive stories, of course, don't appear in his book. "
This is from John Ramsey's June, 1998 interview with LE - my part 7 found on early computer drive.
NOTE - transcripts posted online later are NOT the same, not sure why.  Example:  the last line where John says he would "fund" Robert and Judith every year, as a gift, other web sites have that different - I will add that to the end of this post. What follows is the true record, the edited sentence is at the end.
LOU SMIT: Do you know a Robert Phillips? 


LOU SMIT: And what do you know about him? 

JOHN RAMSEY: He used to be Mel Phillips before he moved to Boulder, then he changed his name to Robert. Robert Melvin Phillips.  He used to go by Mel then he changed his name to Robert. 

He and Patsy worked together at Hayes Micro Computer Products, in Atlanta.  He was a programmer, wrote a software program that Hayes bought, then they hired him to do the software program. I think he got enough money out of that to last him for a while. He quit Hayes, was an investor, in his own words, for a couple of years. Went to law school here in Colorado, graduated. Is now a lawyer in Atlanta or in Boulder that practices mostly -- was interested in estate planning.  

He's done some divorces and he's married to Judy Phillips, who is now Judith Phillips and she moved to Boulder. They have children. They have Lindsay, they've got two children, but I forget the other's name. 

They met through --  they were either pen pals or e-mail pals, they had never met face to face, when they were  engaged before they ever got -- strange. They got married, we knew them in Atlanta. They moved to Boulder, Fairly suddenly and we moved  to Boulder just coincidentally a year later or so. 

Mel's done some deals for me, he did my wills, Patsy and my wills, set up some trusts for our kids. 

LOU SMIT: You had done this when, when had he done this? 

JOHN RAMSEY: Oh, maybe three years ago, three or four years ago. Every year we'd fund them -- it was a gift.

(Later copies have this - - "JOHN RAMSEY: Oh, maybe three 17 years ago, three or four years ago. Every year he would -- it was a gift."
Tom Miller was a frequent guest on the BORG Peter Boyles Radio show. He believed Patsy wrote the note, sent a handwriting report to Darnay Hoffman but was ultimately discredited as a handwriting expert in this case because he had no access to the note, was working off a copy from the Internet (unprofessional, unprofessional). The following is from his appearance on September 14th, 1999.

"I don't want to speak for Judith (Phillips) completely, but I'll tell you my theory. I believe something horrible was occurring between John and JonBenet. I believe that Patsy Ramsey somehow became involved, either discovered it... I believe that an action was taken against John Ramsey by Patsy, which missed and hit JonBenet, resulting in John and Patsy working into a cover-up. That's pure hypothesis, no way to prove it, don't know what the facts are really going to turn out to be. That's what it seems like to me, the bashing into the head, later a garroting. ........Patsy could not have done the garrote, Patsy could not have done it. It had to be John. Judith knew Patsy for 17-18 years. Patsy couldn't have done that physically. I don't believe she could."

[/color]Nov 2022

Ramsey family photographer and friend- Judith Phillips(Miller), shared many wonderful little stories about JonBenét with me. After 26 years, you can still see the pain is tangibly tragic.

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