Melody and the scream
Melody Stanton
(738 Fifteenth Street)
(Boulder, Colorado)
On December26, 1996, between 12:00 a.m. and 2:00 a.m. she woke from sleep, heard a child's scream that lasted 3 to 5 seconds. Her bedroom was on second floor facing the Ramsey house.  She said she woke her husband Luther, knew it was JonBenet but assumed her parents would take care of her.  Melody went back to sleep immediately.  Luther then heard the sound of metal hitting concrete. 

Melody told this to her neighbor, Diane Brumfitt and Diane reported the incident to the police. 

Information went quickly to the media and reporters started knocking on the Stanton door.  Eventually the Stantons denied knowing anything - - they clearly did not want to be witnesses any longer.  Melody suggested the scream may not have been an actual scream but "negative energy".  Or maybe she heard it another night.   But most believe her first report was the honest one.

In Schiller/Brennan book,  page 610 paperback, this was investigated by Officer Barry Hartkopp on 01-03-1997
but her interview wasn't signed or given under oath.
Metal Scraping Sound from PMPT "Stanton’s husband had heard a crashing sound – the sound of metal on concrete – sometime after the scream" pg 531-532
"Stanton said there had been only one scream but it was horrifying. If it came from the child, she assumed the scream had awakened her parents" (PMPT pg 76-77); in Thomas's account, it was a "piercing scream" (Thomas 78-79)
A neighbor of JonBenet Ramsey says she heard the slain child beauty screaming at the top of her lungs the night she was murdered. "I heard a terrible sound," Melody Ann Stanton tells The Globe in this week's issue. "It was the longest, most horrible scream I have heard in my entire life. It sent shivers down my spine.
" "I could tell the sound was coming from the Ramsey house, and I knew instantly it had to be their little girl," said Stanton, 52, who lives across the street, less than l00 feet from John and Patsy Ramsey's home in Boulder. The Ramseys have told investigators they slept while an intruder broke in and murdered their daughter last Dec. 26. Boulder police said they would not comment on the Globe report. Stanton said her first instinct was to call police, "but then I realized John and Patsy were home . . . so whatever it was that caused their little girl to scream, they were there to take care of it.
" She said she had not spoken earlier because she feared the media spotlight.
Melody later told Reporter Charlie Brennan that she may have been wrong about the day - but I personally don't think someone confuses important information like that.

It would appear that her flip-flopping led to Mike Kane NOT bringing her in to speak to the grand jury.

I would like to know a bit about her twin sons - was their DNA checked? I see no evidence that either was. Just thinking out [loud here.

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