John on Christmas Morning....
John Ramsey on Christmas Morning... 

DOI (HB) Page 5:

"While the kids played with their gifts, Patsy and I went to the kitchen to prepare our traditional Christmas morning breakfast of pancakes, bacon, corn beef hash, and hash browns. I usually made the pancakes, so I got all the ingredients together while Patsy set the table and cooked the rest of the breakfast. JonBenet always loved to get into the act and was right under my elbows, standing on a stool by the stove, to help pour the pancake batter. She normally liked to make a Mickey Mouse shape and decorate it at the table with fruit and raisins to make the face come to life, but there wasn't time for that on this Christmas Day. Too many new things to play with. Burke came to the table just long enough to eat a bite. As far as he was concerned, eating got in the way of playing."

07-09-1998 A&E Documentary
'Who Killed JonBenet’
By Michael Tracy and David Mills

John Ramsey: "She was a spark-plug in our family. She was a ball of energy. That's just something you can't not remember."

Man: "Christmas morning, 1996. On that day, JonBenet woke early."

John Ramsey: "I can remember Burke and JonBenet running up to our bed to get us up. The little kids would pass out the gifts to whoever they were for and we would go around the room and open each gift – We did that that morning."

Man: "This is the next to last photograph of JonBenet. John Ramsey took it that morning."

John Ramsey: "JonBenet had gotten a bicycle that Christmas and we played most of the day. We were going to go out to dinner and I remember we were trying to get everybody organized to leave and JonBenet was on her bike and wanted me to take her around the block. I said, no - no we don't have time, we'll do this later. She said, "Oh Daddy please," and I can remember that and that kind of hurts because we didn't do that."
Death of Innocence

DOI Page 7:

"When I returned home in the afternoon, JonBenet and Burke were playing outside with the neighborhood gang. Soon Patsy called for the kids to come in to clean up a little before the party."

"She wanted JonBenet to wear a red turtleneck with her black velvet pants so that mother and daughter would be dressed alike, but JonBenet wanted to wear the complete outfit she'd chosen. Finally Mom gave in. JonBenet put on her outfit with her black boots which zipped up the front and had a bit of animal print trim along the top. JonBenet loved to dress up. Burke could care less."
June 25, 26, 27 1998- Taped Interrogation interview of John Ramsey
by Lou Smit and Michael Kane in Colorado

Lou Smit: "...How about, in almost every house, especially my house...did you ever hear noises associated with...home noises?"

John Ramsey: "I really can't.... I mean we hear noises from... when we hear noises, it was typically from outdoors from students. (Residences for students from Colorado University dotted the Ramsey neighborod.)"

Lou Smit: "You can hear that from your room?"

John Ramsey: "We always slept with the windows open... but it was winter night so we cracked it (open) probably... In the summertime, we would have them open. The only time (I) remember being awakened is from student noises or something going on in the street...."
John Ramsey
"Death of Innocence"

Page 8:

"Some time around 8:30 or so, we decided to head for home; we had a big trip ahead of us in the morning and needed to leave on time so we could arrive in Minneapolis before 11.00. Besides, Patsy wanted to drop of a couple of gifts on our way home from the Whites'. We pulled up the driveway at the Walkers' and Patsy took a small package to the door, talked for a few minutes and returned to the car. Then we drove a few blocks to the Stines' house. Patsy had bid on three gift baskets at a recent silent auction benefit, she and Burke took one of the packages to their door. We had another basket in the trunk of the car intended for our friends the Fernies', but we decided it was to late now to make any more visits. We would deliver their gift when we returned from Michigan.

After leaving the Stines', we returned to our house and drove down the narrow alley to our garage at the back of the house. I pushed the automatic garage door opener, and we rolled in. On the way home, JonBenet had fallen fast asleep in the back seat. I got her out of the car and carried her upstairs to her room, laid her on the bed, and took off her coat and shoes. I was amazed at how sound asleep she was. It had been a long day for her. Patsy came in to finish getting JonBenet ready for bed.

Meanwhile, I went downstairs to get Burke to come up to bed, but he was deeply involved in assembling the miniature parking garage he had received that morning. I could tell he wasn't going to go to bed until the project was finished, so I settled down on the floor beside him. Helping him complete what his mind was focused on was the best way to get us both in bed quickly.

At about 9:30 I led Burke upstairs and got him ready for bed, then tucked him in and turned out the light. I went on up to our room on the third floor which we had converted from an attic space to a master suite in 1993. Patsy was already in bed. I got ready, took a melatonin tablet to insure a good night's sleep, set the alarm clock for 5:30 am, and read in bed for a short while before turning out the light.

Unfortunately I slept soundly."

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