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Quick info about the Duct tape
Don Bradley posted the following on another forum

The roll was manufactured in Hickory, NC. The company retained the same product number and bar codes but made two changes to its product which is known in the industry as multi-filament tape. One change involved a slight change in the adhesives and the other change involved a slight change in the filaments. As with any industrial process, the changes were made seperately but I forget which was first or what the exact dates were. The upshot was that from manufacturer to warehouse to stockroom to shelves is a trip that indicates but does not prove that the roll came from a very large volume seller such as walmart home depot or the like. However it can not be proven that it did not come from the local hardware store in Boulder since it is technically possible that it might have been shipped there quite promptly and all invoices and shipping records would have used the same barcodes as before. My personal view is that it came from a large volume seller in a large city: Denver, Atlanta, Whereever. Most products do not move thru the distribution chain quite so fast to get to a lower volume retailer such as any store in Boulder. This can not be proven due to the changed product having the exact same model number, paperwork and bar codes.
From police files - Linda Hoffman never saw any black duck tape in the house.  Never saw any of that kind of cord in the house either.
“After the Quantico meetings, Detectives Thomas and Gosage visited Shurford Mills in Hickory, North Carolina, the country’s largest manufacture of adhesives. The FBI had determined that the tape allegedly removed from JonBenét’s mouth had first been manufactured in November 1996 under the brand name Suretape. The tape had a 40 percent calcium filler in the adhesive, and its yarn/ scrim count of 20/ 10 helped pinpoint that Bron was the tape’s distributor.” (PMPT)

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