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John and Patsy on nightgown
BARBARA WALTERS: When JonBenet's body was found there was one of her favorite nightgown's next to her. Her so-called Barbie nightgown.


BARBARA WALTERS: And so there was the impression that whoever did this cared about this child. Left the nightgown. Left the blanket.


BARBARA WALTERS: Again. Oh her parents did it but they, they loved her so they tried to comfort her even in death.

JOHN RAMSEY: That's a very strange… that nightgown should not have been there. It's it's a clue of some type. We don't know what. Look, we know several very positive facts about this killer we believe. It's a male. (PAUSE) It's a pedophile that looks at young… female children much differently than you and I do. They look at 'em with sexual uh eyes. I thought about it every day for 3 years. I've talked to experts. I've talked to experienced homicide detectives. (LONG PAUSE) It's the best profile we can come up with.
But I was told that was NOT her favorite nightgown, at least not for pageants as reported. For the pageants she favorite a step into one piece thing like Barbara Eden wore in "I Dream of Genie"
TT: OK. Nedra talked about JonBenet’s pageant nightgown a little bit.
PR: Her what?
ST: May have described this as her Barbie nightgown or her traveling pageant nightgown.
PR: She had a Barbie nightgown, but I don’t know if we had a specific pageant nightgown.
TT: Was that special to her in any way, or just a nightgown like all the other little nightgowns?
PR: Well, she had this little kind of Genie kind of, little ink
ST: Maybe that’s it?
PR: That might be what it was. Genie, Barbie. Ah it was this little, grandma got it for her, it was little pants like, that nylon kind of stuff, you know. Just a little (inaudible) white piece.
TT: OK. Maybe that’s what Nedra was talking about.
PR: It might be what she’s talking about.
TT: Did she have a favorite nightgown that she took to all these pageants or anything like that or?
PR: I don’t remember that.
TT: OK. Something Nedra came up with.
PR: She remembered that.

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