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Posts that might be found in MAD Magazine
Being programmed? Garrotting and head bashing are hardly programming.
David Rogers wrote: They refused to take FREE, yes FREE, FBI polygraphs then shopped around and paid for one they could pass. Let's see the drug test they took for the one they passed. Guess what? There wasn't a drug test for the one they passed. That alone should raise your suspicions.

My comment - - When asked by police if they would be willing to take polygraph tests, they both said they would. And the police dropped the subject and never attempted to set up a time and place. Truth is, it was the young BORG like Thomas who brought up the polygraphs and they didn't have the support of their superiors who weren't INTERESTED in seeing those tests done because they didn't want to deal with the fallout if the tests said the parents were being truthful!

So they didn't refuse to take the FREE tests. They did decline to take the tests being offered by the tabloids - - the tabloids were ready to pay them a MILLION DOLLARS if they would take the tests paid for and reported on by the tabloids. (The tabloids would ten own all rights to the results and news stories related to same)

But the Ramseys did hire an independent polygrapher and made the tests public knowledge BEFORE they took place and agreed the results - either way - would be made public. The polygrapher would be paid the same amount no matter what his report said and the Ramseys would hear the results the same time the rest of the world did.

They passed. And I remember that night is when Geraldo withdrew his membership from the BORG.

My notes finished - onto another post.

Chloe posted: Bet they wouldn't do a lie detector test either

Dear, dear, Chloe - you are an embarrassment to the BORG, sweet thang. A lie detector test IS a polygraph.

How can anyone win a debate with such morons?
(08-18-2017, 08:43 PM)jameson245 Wrote: How can anyone win a debate with such morons?

For some reason this case is like a stupidity amplifier for a huge number of people, including a large fraction of those who are regarded by others, as well as by themselves, as "experts."  That's the main reason why this guy is getting away with this crime.
The evidence is there - - but the police don't want to spend money and time on this old case that embarassed them already. They honestly do need to focus on the new cases - I understand that. But the best thing they could do at this point would be to let others help. Not people like me or Roscoe but retired police officers and investigators who would do it for free - - - but they need access to the files and the BPD simply won't allow that!

RIP, Jonnie B. I fear there will be no justice for you here because men's egos just can't stand to be bruised again.
Katalin Emerencia Koroknai posts on Facebook and this gem is from her

"And who did sexually abuse her? The police officer said her injuries on her head was caused by regular abuse."

The injury to her head was a hole in her skull. A fatal blow, not evidence of ongoing sexual abuse.

The BORG posts really are completely NUTS - but no one corrects them on Facebook. It's just the way BORG works.

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