Kim Ballard
Geraldo Rivera - Monday, May 12, 1997

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Partial transcript - - show covered other topics...

RIVERA: Oh, shush--with Kim Ballard, the purported mistress of John Ramsey. I--I found out about her awhile ago, didn't go with it because she wouldn't take a polygraph for me, but I trust Carol's reporting and Carol has talked to her. Before I talk to Carol, do you have these clips ready? OK, you have har--oh, she talked to "Hard Copy." OK. Roll "Hard Copy."

(Excerpt from "Hard Copy")

Ms. KIM BALLARD (Alleged Mistress of John Ramsey): He had said Southern belle, blonde, petite. He was someone to fill a void in a period of my life when I was alone, and I think I was doing the same for him, filling some sort of need.

Staying in nice hotels. We had--went to nice restaurants. He bought me nice clothes.

Unidentified Reporter: Cash, too?

Ms. BALLARD: Gave me cash, yes.

Reporter: Hundreds? Thousands?

Ms. BALLARD: Maybe $ 1,000.

(End of excerpt)

RIVERA: We could have called tonight's program A Tale of Two Ads. In the initial part of that interview, she was talking about how she met John Ramsey. Apparently, Carol, they first met through a personals advertisement?

Ms. McKINLEY: Yeah. According to Kim Ballard, they met through an advertisement she put in the USA Today in the personal ads. And, you know, you have to wonder after four and a half months since the child was killed, why does she come forward? I mean, that's the journalistic perspective of all this. What is up with this? It seems to always happen in these kinds of stories; someone always comes out and then they say they had an affair and knew someone before and...

RIVERA: Do you believe her?

Ms. McKINLEY: So--you know what? I--if I said one way or another, it would--it would give too much away and I--I--you know, I'll let you guys decide that for yourselves. But basically she just came out and said the reason she waited this long to come forward--and supposedly this affair she had with John Ramsey was back in November '94 to April '95, which is when Patsy Ramsey apparently had her ovarian cancer troubles.

RIVERA: Cancer--right. Right.

Ms. McKINLEY: But she says the reason she waited so long is because she would have kept silent, but the Globe actually used her name and she wanted to tell her story and she said the Globe had printed a bunch of lies about her, and so she wants to come forward and she says she hasn't taken any money.

RIVERA: This is--this is interesting. Part C--Tape C from Carol's interview.

Tell me when you have that keyed up because that, to me, is--OK. Let's roll--let me set it up. This is the only--as far as I can see from all the interviews, this is what brings it back to the--to the case, to the investigation. Roll Tape C.

(Excerpt from interview)

Ms. BALLARD: I met him in 1994, and if it hadn't of been, you know, for the Globe printing my name, I would've stayed a secret, like I always had been. But since it was printed, and also, their investigators--their own investigators, Ellis Armistead and Associates have been calling me daily, at least once a day.

The only thing I can think of is that maybe their own investigators are putting together a profile, the way the FBI will do, of a killer, because they just called and fir--at first they wanted to know everything about the relationship. And then it was just calls every day: Who are you talking to? Are you going to talk with anyone? Has the police contacted you? Are you going to talk with them?--just keeping up with me every day.

(End of excerpt)

RIVERA: Even mistresses tell the truth, Carol.

Ms. McKINLEY: Well, you know, this has nothing to do with the murder and that's what you have to remember. The only thing it has...

RIVERA: Well, how about the fact that her--that...

Ms. McKINLEY: do with is, if--if this, indeed, happened, the character of John Ramsey.

RIVERA: It has to do with character, but if...

Mr. diGENOVA: Excuse me.

RIVERA: ...his lawyers or investigators are calling...

Ms. McKINLEY: Yeah, and if they're calling trying to find out who she's--when she's going to talk.

Here's another interesting segment that came in the interview later.

RIVERA: All right. Joe--Joe, put down the cigar for a minute. Let's listen to Carol. Go ahead.

Mr. diGENOVA: I'm--I'm listening.

RIVERA: All right. Go ahead, Carol.

Ms. McKINLEY: Well, one of the things she said...

RIVERA: He wields that like a lethal weapon. OK.

Ms. McKINLEY: ...(unintelligible) she was--she was going to come out at the beginning of May and go on the show in Philadelphia. And what she said was the day before she was to take her flight, she got a call, and the person on the other line, which was a man, told her if she talked about John Ramsey, the same thing that happened to JonBenet would happen to her.


Ms. McKINLEY: And then this person hung up. So she's pretty nervous and--and she's scared now and whether this is true or not, it's all just one more strange...

RIVERA: It is.

Ms. McKINLEY: ...twist, as Bill Ritter said a little while ago in this--in this bizarre story.

RIVERA: OK. Before--before Joe and Larry tear it apart, let me merely suggest to you folks that--remembering the Simpson saga--remember how morbidly fascinated we were with all of these tangential, even extra legal characters that came to play a part in that--in that drama? So we'll comment on that. Stay tuned; be right back.


RIVERA: The big news in the JonBenet case, the fact that the Boulder DA sanctioned the family's ad in the local newspaper over the weekend; an adult male approaching your young children'--if you have any information, please call the Crime Stopper number. That's the big news. The kind of subtext here, an alleged mistress of John Bennett Ramsey's surfacing, talking about how he was a controlling personality.

I guess you asked her whether she thought they were involved in the case, did you not, Carol?

Ms. McKINLEY: Yeah, we asked her if--if, in her gut, if she thought they might be involved, and she said that she didn't know but that she believed that--that they could be. She had a gut feeling that they were.

RIVERA: She didn't talk about anything about him--Larry is rolling his eyes.

Ms. McKINLEY: She said she had a--she said she felt he had a temper, but there was one thing--there was kind of an antenna that went up because she said she felt he had a temper because when they were out to dinner she ordered decaf and he sighed.

POZNER: Ah, there it is.

Ms. McKINLEY: To me, that doesn't mean he has a temper. It just might mean that he wants her to stay up.

POZNER: ...(Unintelligible).

Ms. McKINLEY: I don't know what, but--you know, to commit to a relationship.

RIVERA: I side with they didn't have time to ...(unintelligible).

POZNER: Wait. Wait. Wait. Where's our FBI profiler to tell us...

RIVERA: OK. Joe...

POZNER: ...the, you know...

RIVERA: ...Joe first, then Larry. I've got to--I'm going to sandwich (unintelligible) due process.

Mr. diGENOVA: All right. Let me just--let me just say this. If one were looking at this story--and let's just assume for the sake of argument that this woman is telling the truth.

RIVERA: Mm-hmm.

Mr. diGENOVA: Let's assume that--that--that John Ramsey, while his wife is undergoing treatment for cancer...

RIVERA: Right.

Mr. diGENOVA: ...decides to go to a personal column to find someone to have a liaison with.

RIVERA: Right.

Mr. diGENOVA: It's weird. It's...

RIVERA: It is weird.

Mr. diGENOVA: ...almost as weird as having your child dress up like an adult when she's very, very small and pretending that that is insignificant.

RIVERA: So there, Larry Pozner.

POZNER: Oh, please.

RIVERA: So there.

POZNER: Prosecution should be based on sterner stuff than this.

RIVERA: It's not about the prosecution.

POZNER: Come on. Come on.

RIVERA: It's about the investigation.

POZNER: What investigation?

RIVERA: The character, the personality...

POZNER: What? The--tell me where...

RIVERA: ...the personal habits.

POZNER: ...this supposed mistress leads to. I--now we're going to hear somebody say that men who have affairs are more likely to be homicidal? Come on. Where...

RIVERA: How does this jive...

POZNER: Where's the evidence?

RIVERA: How does this jive with John Bennett Ramsey, supporting father and husband, who sat alongside Patsy and tearfully told the nation that they didn't do it and they were going to get the bastard who did, etc., etc.?

POZNER: If it's true, if he had the affair, I suspect he's...

RIVERA: When his wife was under treatment of cancer.

POZNER: ...I suspect he's not the first male to have an affair...

RIVERA: Oh, well...

POZNER: ...and I don't think it shows anything about whether he is a killer. And--and wait a second. Where'd this notion come from that he's the one dressing up JonBenet? It was his wife who participated...

RIVERA: Well...

POZNER: beauty pageants.

Mr. diGENOVA: Did he stop it?

POZNER: Oh, so he's going to say to his wife...

RIVERA: John was...

POZNER: ...I forbid you to put...

RIVERA: John was present at many of those. Mr. District Attorney.

Mr. diGENOVA: Did he stop it?

RIVERA: Mis--no, he did not. Mr. District Attorney.

Mr. RITTER: You know, again, this is a--a very bizarre sort of sidelight here. It is the sideshow. For a prosecutor, you have to maintain your focus on the details of the investigation that someday may be admissible in trial in a court of law, and you can get a little bit away from that, trying to decide different kinds of character issues. But this is of no help or hindrance to the prosecution. This is just something, that's purely, I think, entertaining.
May 15, 1997





On to Boulder now and JonBenet Ramsey, the latest. The authorities in Boulder today confirming what we have been reporting for the past few days, that the police did receive DNA test results in the JonBenet Ramsey murder case this past Tuesday. As their news release--here, depo cam--as the news release says, There will be no additional information provided on the content of the--of the test results by the Boulder police.' So they have it, but they're not going to tell us what it says, at least not yet.

This statement also confirms in the second paragraph what Kim Ballard told us on the program last night. She is, you know, the Arizona woman who claims to have had an affair with John Ramsey. The release reads, quote, "Boulder police Detectives Melissa Hickman and Jane Harmer were in Tucson, Arizona, this week to conduct a prearranged interview with Kim Ballard. This interview had been arranged through the Tucson Police Department.

However, after waiting four hours to conduct the interview, Ms. Ballard declined to be interviewed. This was the second attempt by Boulder police to interview Ms. Ballard. There will be no additional attempts to interview her."

According to Detective Commander John Eller, quote, At this point we would have to consider anything Ms. Ballard may say as suspect. We don't plan to set up other interviews with her.''

Let me zoom right out to--to Boulder. Seated there, Barrie Hartman, the editor of the Boulder Daily Camera--actually, in Denver is where the res--Barrie, comment about Ms. Ballard? What do you think?

Mr. BARRIE HARTMAN (Editor, Boulder Daily Camera): You know, I'm--I think I'm a lot like the people of Boulder: I don't know what to think. I don't know whether to believe her or not. I'm sure that what she has said--had to say has damaged John Ramsey considerably. But we just don't know what to believe.

RIVERA: This release then updates other elements in the case, stating the police are still requesting a fifth handwriting sample from Patsy Ramsey. But let's go back to those all-important test results from the DNA. NBC's Steve Handlesman has this report.


The DNA results were telephoned to investigators in Boulder from Cellmark Labs in Germantown, Maryland. After the Christmas murder of JonBenet, samples were taken from her body and from the basement room where she was found strangled in the Ramsey home. Sources say technicians made scrapings from beneath JonBenet's fingernails, swabbed her skin for traces of saliva and blood, and vacuum for hair and foreign skin cells. Certain findings could be key to solving her murder.

Professor MIMI WESSON (University of Colorado Law School): If you find anything, any piece of DNA that's identified to a person who had no business in that house at that time, that's highly significant.

HANDLESMAN: But not conclusive. DNA like that could be old, irrelevant. Police say there's no evidence of a break-in at the Ramsey home. They say their investigation's focused on the parents, John and Patsy Ramsey. Denver area DA Bob Grant, a member of the JonBenet murder task force, says it's unlikely the DNA results can strengthen a case against the parents.

Mr. BOB GRANT (Adams County District Attorney): So people that are innocently in that house are going to have their DNA everywhere. People who are innocently in contact with that child, including parents, siblings, are going to have their DNA all over that child.

HANDLESMAN: The Ramseys are still running ads endorsed by the Boulder prosecutor implying that a stranger killed their daughter. Boulder police said today they're no longer interested in an Arizona woman who claimed to be John Ramsey's lover.

Four and a half months after JonBenet's murder, the biggest crime in Boulder history remains unsolved. And police and prosecutors here are warning not to expect an arrest in this case anytime soon. I'm Steve Handlesman in Denver for RIVERA LIVE.

RIVERA: Steve, thank you very much. I want to go back to Bob Pence, our former head of the FBI in Denver. Bob, is the statement that they're no longer interested in--in the Ballard woman sound police work or is it sour grapes?

Mr. ROBERT PENCE (Security Consultant/Former FBI Agent): Oh, I think that they would be interested in the--in the woman, if any statement were made that was credible, that would indicate some taint on the character of a possible suspect. And I think they would be amenable to that. I--I think by making that statement, I doubt if that would hold if other evidence came or she came forward and was willing to be interviewed.

RIVERA: So you would believe that if, indeed, John Ramsey had an affair during this period when Patsy Ramsey was being treated for ovarian cancer, and Kim Ballard, being the petite woman that--and advertised herself as such--she told us when we had her on the phone earlier that the--the first word in bold print in the USA Today advertisement said Southern belle,' and then blonde, petite, college-educated, looking for professional male.'

Mr. PENCE: Mm-hmm.

RIVERA: That was the essence of the ad. And then she went on to account--recount some of what she--the intimate details of the relationship--alleged relationship. You believe that that would be probative and not just gossipy?

Mr. PENCE: Oh, I think that could be important. I don't know that it would go to the merits of the case, as far as evidentiary. But I think, if it was a credible statement and she comes forward and is able to substantiate it, that would certainly be something that the police could--could develop, as far as a character flaw which might--in--in fact, if she has that credible information, she might have other information that would be evidentiary. But even if she doesn't, it would certainly be something that would tell us a little something new and different about one of the possible suspects.

RIVERA: And--and, remember, one of the things she does recount is that members of the John Ramsey investigative legal team were in constant contact with her. It would certainly indicate, if true--and I've not heard them deny it--if true, that they thought her information somewhat significant or at least they feared some of what she had to say.

Mr. PENCE: I agree. I think if they reached out for her, there was some--either a knowing interest there that there was a relationship or that they really needed to nail it down and find out what it was all about.

RIVERA: I want to go to Barrie Hartman briefly, editor of the Boulder Daily Camera. You were meeting, Barrie, when you left me on Tuesday...


RIVERA: ...with Tom Koby, the police chief, and Alex Hunter, the--the district attorney. Without revealing the substance of your discussions, can you tell me whether or not they were--they seemed collegial? Did they seem amicable? Did--were they--was there--was there evidence of a rift?

Mr. HARTMAN: They--there is no rift between those two. They're very close. They're very supportive of each other. I--I--in all the--in the five months that this investigation has been going on, I've seen nothing but a close working relationship between them.

RIVERA: And what about all these reports of, you know, the--the--the--the DA, for instance, the adult male business and the Ramsey family ad approved by him; the cops knew nothing about it?

Mr. HARTMAN: I think that's--that's a blip, and I think in a case like this, you're going to have blips. And, thank goodness, there haven't been too many of them.

RIVERA: OK, guys. Thank you very much. I want to go, as soon as we take this commercial break, to the McVeigh trial. More dramatic testimony. Stay tuned, folks. Be right back.
Camera Staff Writer

Thursday, May 15, 1997

In other developments, Boulder police have attempted to investigate a relationship that a Tucson, Ariz., woman claims to have had with JonBenet Ramsey's father, sources confirmed Wednesday.

During the week of April 14, two female detectives traveled to Arizona to question Kim Ballard.

"She had said that John Ramsey had responded to her personal ad in USA Today and that the Ramseys' private investigators have called her, so some people thought it was worth checking out," a source close to the investigation said. "Once the police were down there, they called her and she hung up on them. And since she won't talk to police, I don't know how much credibility you can give her."

Ballard has discussed her alleged liaisons with John Ramsey on television and radio talk shows this week.

Ballard said she refused to provide an interview to Boulder police detectives who returned to Arizona on Wednesday.

"It sounds like she wants an attorney before she'll talk," a source said. "It's interesting, though, because Kim has said she had three dates with him in 1994 and 1995, when (John's wife) Patsy had cancer, and she said he told her what to wear and how to act. If what she's saying is true, she might be able to talk about his habits and demeanor and add some insight into the case."
from JonBenet's America

Man: The media even ran the accusations of a supposed mistress without any evidence that she'd ever met John Ramsey.
Interviewer: (Kim Ballard} From what you know of him, do you believe he's the type person who
could commit this sort of crime? Your contact with him has obviously been limited.
Ballard: I know. I don't know if he did, if he actually did it but I feel that he was definitely involved, knowing his personality the way I do.
Tracey to John: Who is Kimberly Ballard?
John Ramsey: I don't have a clue who Kimberly Ballard is, she came out of the woodwork. She called us several times and saying she was going to the media and I didn't know who she is! Don't have a clue who Kimberly Ballard is.
Man: Had you ever spoken to Kimberly Ballard?
John: NO.
Man: Had you ever met Kimberly Ballard?
John: NO.
Man: Did you ever speak on the phone?
John: NO.
Man: Is she not a close friend?
John: No.. And certainly not now! {Laughing} And that's the tragedy – Here's -- God knows who she is, decides this is going to be her 15 minutes of fame, makes an accusation and the media runs with it. No checking. Nobody asked me these questions before they ran with the story. Nobody checked to see if I was in Tucson when she said I was, or at the Brown Palace Hotel when she said I was.
Patsy: All they have to do is say, "it has been reported that" - and they're off the hook.
John: It was fun, they had fun with it at our expense.
PMPT Pgae 301sb

from August 1994 through the spring of 1995, while Patsy was battling cancer. The Globe was set to publish Ballard's story, Doherty said.

When Alex Hunter heard about this, he knew that even if the allegation were true, cheating on a desperately ill wife was still a long way from murdering your six-year-old daughter. Detective Harmer, however, thought that Ramsey might have told Ballard something material to the case-perhaps a passing reference to something that only the police and the killer knew. The Boulder PD followed up on the lead.

Detectives Harmer and Arndt went to Tucson, where Ballard now lived, to interview her face-to-face, but she declined to meet them. Nevertheless, they conducted some background checks on her and visited the Brown Palace, the Denver hotel where Ballard claimed to have met Ramsey on several occasions. The hotel had no record of these visits. In the end, the police found no evidence that Ramsey had ever met Kimberly Ballard. On April 22, the Globe reported that the Boulder PD had Ballard under investigation. The tabloid published her story based solely on their interview, with no independent confirmation."
Kimberly actually posted on my forum - and we spoke on the phone as well.

29 . "Kimberly told me"
Posted by jams on Nov-06-00 at 11:40 PM (EST)

Kimberly told me that she went to a restaurant in LA in 1993 - she went with a girlfriend because the girlfriend wanted her to meet a male friend of hers - - he was having lunch with three other men - - the four men invited the two women to share lunch with them and so they shared a meal, visited a bit, and then everyone went their own way. An innocent meeting. Kimberly told me that she did not ever meet John again and certainly did NOT have an affair with him.
2000-11-06: From Forum,
Thread titled, "Kim Ballard joins the forum"

"Kim Ballard joins the forum"
Posted by jameson on Nov-06-00 at 01:28 PM (EST)

Kim Ballard and I have been in contact for a while - she has said that she would LIKE a chance to tell her side of the story. I have offered her the place to do it.

Trusting the posters to treat her in a civil manner, I have advised her tht we WILL be asking the hard questions and trying to find the truth.

She should be in soon

3 . "Well,"
Posted by jameson on Nov-06-00 at 02:04 PM (EST)

This person contacted someone because she wanted to get some information to the Ramseys. That person put her in contact with me.

I called and listened to what she had to say and I decided not to carry that information to John or Patsy - I don't think it is related to this case.

But we did talk about other things as well and this person says she is Kim Ballard and she has a story to tell. I am not sure how to verify at this point - I have a phone number that I have called twice, the same person answers and we have spoken for hours now. I would have to say I think it is her, but I can not verify because I am not seeing her face to face and checking ID.

I will also say that this person has agreed to speak to Lin Wood and I think this goes far to establish her honesty as far as her identity.

Anyone else have any ideas, let me know...

9 . "Yes it is Kimberly Ballard"
Posted by Kimberly_Ballard on Nov-06-00 at 03:08 PM (EST)

Ask any question's that you would like. I will answer any and all as long as I know the answer. Kimberly

12 . "Answer's"
Posted by Kimberly_Ballard on Nov-06-00 at 03:27 PM (EST)

Chris Doherty from the Globe (it's really hard for me to type that name without gagging) told me that I was being investigated by the BPD. The BPD told me they obtained my name from the Globe. As far as Geraldo he called me after the Globe story appeared. It was that story that started everything. How anyone ever got my name and unlisted phone number in the first place I don't know.

15 . "Maikai"
Posted by Kimberly_Ballard on Nov-06-00 at 04:31 PM (EST)

You stated based on my television appearance's that you feel I had an affair with John Ramsey, and that I think he sexually assaulted JonBenet. I keep hearing and reading about the "TV talk show circuit I've been on and all the money that I have made". Before I can adequately answer your observation's, will you tell me about my appearance's? As far as John Ramsey sexually assaulting JonBenet I never made a statement remotely resembling what you say you observed.

17 . "Jameson, 4 questions"
Posted by Kimberly_Ballard on Nov-06-00 at 05:21 PM (EST)
LAST EDITED ON Nov-06-00 AT 05:26 PM (EST)

1. I met John Ramsey in a restaurant. I went there with a girlfriend to meet someone she knew. He was one of I believe four men having a business lunch. I was introduced to everyone at the table. 2. & 3. We talked, but I don't think that constitutes an affair. As in sex. 4. In the interview I had been told that there was a blanket of snow on the ground in Boulder on the night of December 25, 1996. Also that there were no footprints outside of the Ramsey's house. I was thinking if there were four people inside and one of them was no longer alive what is the logical deduction? I was thinking when I was asked the question about John's culpability. I guess I paused too long because the reporter added somthing like " with your brief knowledge of him". I replied " I think he could be involved."

23 . "Confusion"
Posted by Kimberly_Ballard on Nov-06-00 at 06:32 PM (EST)

TeamRamsey, It's no wonder you're confused. That's just the way the media has portrayed this case. Mass confusion. I'm trying to untangle almost four years of confusion. I doubt I can do that in one post. You did ask a lot of logical questions. I think a good place to start is the 1997 report of my not talking with the BPD. Yes, it is true that I did not speak with them when they came to my house and the media was out in full force filming and reporting my coming's and going's. My business is not the world's business. What the general public does not know however is that I have spoken with the BPD on several occasions at length, to their satisfaction. I will answer all your questions, but I need a break now after spending all day at the computer.

29 . "Kimberly told me"
Posted by jams on Nov-06-00 at 11:40 PM (EST)

Kimberly told me that she went to a restaurant in LA in 1993 - she went with a girlfriend because the girlfriend wanted her to meet a male friend of hers - - he was having lunch with three other men - - the four men invited the two women to share lunch with them and so they shared a meal, visited a bit, and then everyone went their own way. An innocent meeting. Kimberly told me that she did not ever meet John again and certainly did NOT have an affair with him.

Under thse circumstances, I can see where John wouldn't remember having met her.

I am not vouching for Kimberly - - just offered her a place to put out her story in her own words - - I can't edit her posts and have no intention of deleting them. So I think we should listen to what she has to say and then decide if she is credible.

OK - - a couple of things - - I have a lawyer friend who sent me transcripts of the Geraldo show so we can judge things a bit better. The same lawyer has followed this case from the beginning and told me in email that hir was always aware that the rumor was Kimberly denied an affair from the beginning. So there is one person who - - well - - hir isn't vouching for Kimberly - but she is saying that she knew from the beginning that the story was supposedly bogus.

OK - going to post Geraldo transcript on its own thread...

30 . "Ashley and others"
Posted by jams on Nov-07-00 at 00:28 AM (EST)

I want the whole truth out. If she was honestly misrepresented and hurt, let it be exposed - - if she lied or is lying now, let that come out too.

This isn't going to hurt the Ramseys - the lies did in 1997 - - she was discredited then and most people ignored the rumor but some held onto it - - I would like to see it dealt with and put to rest for good.

I told Kimberly she could have her say - - but that we would ask the hard quesions and the research - - she knows I am looking for a copy of the tapes. If she wants to have her say, I say listen well. Then look at the evidence and decide if she is honest or not.

I never thought John had an affair with her - I think the story is lurid lies - - she is denying they had an affair - at least she is now.

I am sorry you don't approve of her being allowed to post - but you can't fight lies or liars without opening their words to the light of day. If Kimberly is the liar, she will be exposed - - if she is the victim, then she too deserves the opportunity to defend herself.

That's the reason I let her in. She is not a member but a guest - - and Lord only knows how this will end up.

37 . "This appears to be hopeless"
Posted by Kimberly_Ballard on Nov-07-00 at 01:43 PM (EST)

"but I'm going to attempt it anyway. Did you not say you DID INDEED have an affair with John at the Brown Palace Hotel in Tucson?"

No I DID INDEED not say that. There is no Brown Palace Hotel in Tucson and, I did not say I had an affair with John Ramsey.

"Jams, I'm really surpsrised that you would do this to the Ramsey's-- this woman is nothing but a liar who tried to inject herself into a horrible tragedy for some bucks!. She has zippo credibilty."

I am sick and tired of reading ignorant statement's like the one above. I have never received money from anyone because JonBenet Ramsey was murdered. Not from the Globe, who wrote that filthy story that started all of this mess, or anyone else. Talk about credibility. You posted an out right lie. "for some bucks".

As for the poster who asked about my saying John was capable of this crime; I explained that in post # 17.

To this one asking why The Globe and Geraldo would write about me and have me on his show. I had nothing to do with The Globe. I have no control over what they do. I was never on Geraldo. I spoke with him on the phone once.

To the poster asking if I feel the media made a story appearing the way they wanted it to: Absolutely they did. I know it and they know it.

Maikai, This one would be funny if it was not so sad."

Why did I allow myself to be used in the tabloid's and TV talk shows?" ALLOW... ALLOW? It is obvious that you are fortunate to have never been put in a position like this. there is no allowing. These sleazy reporters do whatever they want to do. hey don't care how they do it, who they hurt, and they don't mind lying. "Why is she coming forward now?" Well gee Maikai, I guess I'm damned if I do and damned if I don't. If I try to defend myself I get chewed up and spit out. The Hard Copy show was supposed to be a rebuttal of The Globe story. They let me say everything of course to their camera. I talked for two days to two different reporters. One female and one male. Yet when the 5-7 minute segment aired the female reporter was not there. Only the male reporter and me from both days. If you will notice I am wearing two different dresses, one from each day. So with the editing and cutting there is no way to know what answer goes with what question. I was shocked when I saw the show. They made it look as though I had a sexual relationship with John Ramsey. They knew better.

I did one thing in 1997 that I don't regret. I took a polygraph test. And it had nothing to do with Geraldo. Where that wild story came from I have no idea.

Jameson, What is the situation with Jeff Shapiro as far as I may be concerned ?

I did see an attorney concerning sueing The Globe. We filed suit so the statute of limitations would not run out. It's a public record so verify it if you want to actually start validating information instead of just stating rumors as if they were fact.

I would like to ask you all a question. Why have you posted as fact for almost four years that I have made money? I have read that so many times. If I had a nickel for every time I have read or heard that on TV, I would have money. What made you think that?

32 . "well..."
Posted by jams on Nov-07-00 at 01:05 AM (EST)

I was contacted because she wanted to speak to Patsy - tell her something she felt the investigators might want to know. I passed the information to the investigators and the Ramseys did not call Kimberly.

In the course of that conversation, Kimberly told me that she was misrepresented and really was hurt - - doesn't like her reputation at this point and would like to tell the world that she did NOT have an affair with John and never said she did - - that she told Hard Copy she did NOT have an affair with John but the tabloid TV show and the Globe both ran the lurid stories anyway.

I thought about what she said for a full week then called her back. I told her that I had been unable to find the tape of her on Hard Copy - - was trying to get it and anything else I could so I might judge for myself if she was telling the truth. She assured me she was.

I spoke to her about the GJ that is still working on the Globe situation and offered to put her in touch with Jeff Shapiro - that didn't happen.

I asked her permission to give her number to Lin Wood and she said she would welcome talking to him - was concerned that he had little respect for her and might not be kind - - I assured her he is not one to attack - - and I did pass her number to him - - her allowing that led to here credibility.

Finally - she said she is not looking to be disturbed by the media but wanted a way to explain what she sayd happened - to try to rehabilitate her reputation - - and I offered her a safe place to do that. Here.

I told her she would be facing people who have looked at her for 4 years as a bimbo, that there would be scepticism and hard questions - - but I could guarantee we would be openminded and fair - and she would have her say - unedited.

So, for better or worse, she was given a guest membership - - I figure a week or two should give her plenty of time to say whatever she wants - - and if she was maligned maliciously, we willbe able to figure that out and - - I actually think this group would stick up for any victim here.

I am not vouching for her - - after reading the transcripts I have to wonder why the Hell she agreed to come! But I will listen to her explanations and try to verify whatever she says.

All I can say right now is that it has been an interesting day - - largely because of Kimberly Ballard - - and may the truth be exposed, no matter where it leads.

59 . "Foster,"
Posted by Kimberly_Ballard on Nov-08-00 at 02:39 AM (EST)

Since you obviously have much more experience in these media matters than I did, would you be so kind as to help me get the money from Hard Copy that they should have paid me for my appearance? By the way, how much do they pay? And who is that print or mainstream reporter that goes around righting all the wrongs that the tabloids print or air?

And Lilac, if you want to confess that you once met JR and he rejected you, and then after the murder of Jonbenet, while you were going through a difficult time in your life, and needed attention so you lied, then you go right ahead. But as for me, that sounds like absolute insanity. And as for finding him attractive, he's old enough to be my father and I do not find him attractive. Too many liver spots.

I was told that trying to tell the truth on this, or any other internet forum would be a huge waste of my time because you all have your minds made up. Silly me wanted to have more faith in my fellow humankind.

Jameson, thank you for trying to give me an opportunity to correct misrepresentations of myself by the media, but no one seems to want to listen. I think I'll drop off the planet again, and get back to my normal, everyday life.

68 . "Kimberly"
Posted by jams on Nov-08-00 at 02:32 PM (EST)

Kim has the chance to set the record straight - - no one here can edit her posts and I swore I would not delete anything she posted.

If she wants the opportunity to go on the record and tell her story - - in her own words - - unedited, inlimited, she has it here. And it isn't like Hard Copy where it is seen by people who happened to be in front of a TV during that half hour and happened to have that channel on. This thread is seen by many people and her words will remain part of the record - - unedited and unlimited.

So far she has not told her story - that has been HER choice.

Kimberly, you came on like a bimbo - - said YOU placed an ad? YOU met with a man? You received maybe a thousand dollars? You cried and told me that wasn't how it was.

Well, if you ever had an honest chance to have your say - - this is it!

If you choose to say, people didn't like me and they weren't kind - and not correct anything - then what are we to think?

Explain what YOU said when you called Geraldo - - that is live TV, not cut and edited anything. Explain what you said to Carol - - is she lying?

This forum, believe it or not, is the most civil on the net. You had to expect the questions and challenges - - especially when you didn't come in and tell the truth.

I have offered you a place to tell your side of the story. I have offered you a chance to go a step further with a polygraph. If you want to disappear, you are saying you did not want to straighten anything out. That will not look good, believe me.

You are between a rock and a hard place - - I know that and am not envious of your position. You are going to be part of the Ramsey saga as a bimbo or a liar. I think people who care about you will forgive the lie much quicker than a choice to be a bimbo.

Honestly, it isn't going to affect John at all - - the BPD and media said they didn't believe you. Nothing that happens now will change that and make people believe the story of the affair. YOU told me that you never had an affair with John - that being true (that there was no affair) you told lies. Why not just admit it?

You know, Honestly, this makes me think of Clinton and his situation. I never cared if he cheated on Hillary, he was a decent president and when he was caught I thought he should have admitted it - said, yeah, I am a lousy husband but that doesn't affect my work...

So maybe you made some bad decisions and got caught up in something you are not proud of now. I think the best thing for you to do is tell the truth and just get by whatever screams come your way for what you DID do wrong - - certainly has to be better than having people think you did the things they say...

Ball is in your court now. We can't force you to do a thing.

[jameson's Webbsleuths]2000-11-07: From Forum,
Thread titled, "Will Kim take a polygraph?"

"Will Kim take a polygraph?"
Posted by jams on Nov-07-00 at 05:09 PM (EST)

I just called Kim at her house - I left a message for her and want to make sure everyone knows that this offer was made.

I have a friend in Colorado who is a polygrapher - a well-respected gentleman - and a gentle soul. (He damn near has me converted from someone who said she would never EVER take a polygraph to someone who thinks they may be OK - - especially with the newest equipment and a gentle, unbiased examiner.)

I had a long conversation with him today and told him about Kim and her mixed messages. He has offered to polygraph Kim - - if she would like to tell the truth and have it documented for all time. This is no joke - - he would charge me next to nothing for his services, she would just have to get together with him. She could either drive to him or pay his way to her. The polygraph wouldn't cost her a cent and it would become part of the permanent record.

I don't know what the whole truth is here, but I do know there have been lies told and it is time some got cleared up. Kimberly now says (to me) that she did not place an ad in any paper, did not sleep with John Ramsey, it was a disastrous attack on her reputation - - but the transcripts say otherwise.

The questions - - what were the lies - what is the truth.

I confess I can see a few scenarios possible here. If Kim wants to tell the truth, well, there is a very kind man in Colorado willing to help her with that.

If she will not meet with him, I have to ask why. After all, she says she took a polygraph for Hard Copy. THAT polygrapher had an agenda. This man works for no one - won't be working for me - he will be doing this for truth and JonBenét.
"Kimberly: in her own words"
Posted by Kimberly_Ballard on Nov-14-00 at 00:39 AM (EST)

At this point, I'm not sure what it means to "post my story". I think I have answered all questions put to me by the members of this forum, so I am going to address issues I think need to be addressed.

First of all, the question of my identity.

Jameson is not posing as me. I am the Kimberly Ballard, born and raised in the south who moved to the west as an adult. For those of you who know it is me and are angry at Jameson for allowing me to post here, don't be mad at her. I think the fact that she is letting a 'Ramsey enemy' post shows that she is interested in this case and is trying to be fair. Remember Lou Smit's words about working the case and not locking yourself into a theory first, then trying to make the facts fit your preconceived theory.

I have information that I feel could pertain to the JonBenet Ramsey case, and possibly the Susannah Chase case, as well. I have chosen not to contact the Boulder authorities because, unlike the public-at-large, I have had direct contact with them. Believe me, they do not inspire confidence. I have brooded over this for months, trying to decide who to contact. Then one day I thought to myself, "Who would care most about justice for JonBenet?" The BPD? I don't think so. The media? I know NOT! So, even with rewards as high as one million dollars, the media is not an option in my opinion.

Contrary to what most of you believe, I have never asked for, nor have I ever received a dime, and I don't intend to start now. I decided on the most logical choice, Patsy Ramsey, the mother of the murdered child. Who could care more than she? I expected that I would be contacted then by a member of the Ramsey investigative team and that the information I have would be investigated. If it turned out to be nothing, nothing would be lost. If, however, my information turned up a murderer of one or more people, then that person could be gotten off of the streets. So I set about trying to contact Patsy Ramsey. During this process, I was routed to Jameson by someone who told me that she does have contact with the Ramseys and can be trusted. Hence, the Jameson-Kimberly Ballard connection.

As for those of you who are furious with her for allowing me to bring "this" up again, I'm not sure what "this" means. The information I wanted Patsy to know has absolutely nothing to do with anything anyone has heard in the media or read on any internet forum. It is strictly case related. No gossip. No alleged affair. On the subject of my being brought up again and offending some of you, I want to remind you of something. I have not appeared publicly since the first week of May, 1997 . Not that there have not been offers. Every local and national media outlet wanted me to appear on their shows. The tabloids were relentless. They did offer money. One kept upping the offer until it reached $100,000. However, my early and brief experience with the media taught me to avoid them, and I have. A publishing company also wanted me to write a book. They contacted me by phone and mail. I changed my phone number, and eventually moved. I have avoided the spotlight at all costs. Actions speak louder than words. You all know that you have not seen or heard from me for three and a half years.

On the other hand, John Ramsey saw fit to put me in his 1998 documentary. He not only discussed me, but also chose to show my picture. When his book was published in early 2000, he opened a chapter with me and wrote about me for pages. So, if you want to be angry with someone for keeping me "brought up", please place the blame where it belongs.

And finally, concerning the issue of another polygraph examination. I don't know what purpose it would serve. I saw what happened when the Ramseys took and passed one this year. Their detractors made comments such as, "Sure they passed it now. They've had three and a half years to learn how to pass." I know the same thing would be said about me. I think the polygraph I took in April of 1997 was enough, unless the authorities request another one regarding this new information.

13 . "B"
Posted by Kimberly_Ballard on Nov-14-00 at 03:39 PM (EST)

"Some questions: 1. Exactly where did you apparently meet? 2. Who was with you? Besides your girlfriend. 3. Did you know others from Boulder? 4. What is the tie to Susannah Chase? 5. Has Lin Wood contacted you? or vica versa."

No, there has been no contact with Lin Wood.

6. "Is that your voice on the Geraldo tape?"

I have not heard the Geraldo tape, so I'm unable to answer this question.

As far as the other questions, I cannot answer them. This is an open murdercase. I am a potential witness. I won't jeopardize the outcome.


12 . "The Globe"
Posted by Kimberly_Ballard on Nov-14-00 at 12:34 PM (EST)

"Did the Globe contact you out of the clear blue and tell you they had learned of your name from the BPD?"

No. This is what happened. In April of 1997 a man called me and said that he was a photographer hired by the Globe to take my picture to go with my story. He gave his name but, I cannot post it. I told him I had not given the Globe a story and didn't know what he was talking about. He then offered me $2,000 if I would let him take my picture. I said "No." He persisted, Wouldn't you like to make $2,ooo just to have your picture taken? "No, I will not let you take my picture to go with a story that I know nothing about." After that phone call I called the Globe to find out what was going on. I'm not posting any names due to ongoing and pending legal action. The person I spoke with told me yes, it was true, a story about me was being published. I asked," what is the story? How can you do this with out my knowledge or consent?" He replied," we don't need it." I asked if I could know what the story was before it came out. He said that would be up to the reporter who wrote it. I asked to speak with him. His name is Chris Doherty. That name is already public so I think it's ok to post it.

"What the Globe tell you they had heard about your "story" before you told them anything?"

The next call came from Chris Doherty. He left a message on my answering machine. He said that I was a public figure and that they did not need my permission to write a story about me. He also said the BPD was already investigating me, and that the Globe had not given them my name. The fact that the BPD already knew about me was the reason I was a public figure according to him.

"What in particular do you recall telling the Globe about John Ramsey?"

Reporters began calling me in February, 1997. There were two in the beginning. Their names were Alli (female) and Chris (male). I was very naive about the press. I had never dealt with them in any way prior to 1997. When asked if I knew John Ramsey, I'm sure I would have told them "Yes." I didn't think anything about it at the time. But, as far as the story that was printed, I did not give it. It was not true and I would never have said those things.

15 . "Sparrow"
Posted by Kimberly_Ballard on Nov-14-00 at 04:29 PM (EST)

"Would you kindly write a couple of paragraphs on how your involvement with BPD and the tabloids came about? "

I think the post titled The Globe explains this question.

"Who did you speak with at BPD?"

I have spoken with three Boulder detectives working this case. I won't name names.

"Did they lead you to believe the parents were involved?"

I could answer this question, but if I did, I would find myself in legal trouble.

"Did this have anything to do with you speaking to the media?


"Will you explain the "Geraldo" phone call and the comments you made?"

Geraldo called me and I spoke with him. I have not seen or heard a tape.

"Did you at any point misrepresent your involvement with John, when and why?"

No I did not.

"Re Jameson you wrote: she is letting a ‘Ramsey enemy' post shows that she is interested in this case and is trying to be fair. Do you now, or have you ever considered yourself an enemy of the Ramsey's?”

I don't consider myself an enemy of the Ramseys'. I put it in the form I did because I sense hostility.

"Why do your comments to Geraldo differ from what you posted on your first day here?”

I have not heard the Geraldo tape.

"Did you once say that you had an affair (to Geraldo) and are now saying that was untrue? What happened?”

Same answer.

"Does this have anything to do with Chris Wolf? It has been reported that Chris knew Susanah Chase."

I have to be careful while this is an open case in which I may testify.

"Are you aware that Mr. Hoffman is the attorney for Chris Wolf and a friend of the publisher of a tabloid?"

No, I did not know about Mr. Hoffman being friends with a tabloid person. Thank you for telling me.

"If you think you have information, and investigators are not helping you, for whatever reason, PLEASE tell us what it is! Many of us would be willing to help investigate. None of us wants to allow this travesty of justice to continue."

Nor do I, but we all have to be careful what we post on a forum anyone can read.

"Yes, some of us have wondered if the perp may have already been interviewed and dismissed by Steve Thomas and friends. It is possible that the killer of JBR looked them in the eye, and was allowed to walk out a free man. Not only that, some have wondered if someone in BPD may be protecting the real killer."

I will comment on that as my opinion only. Yes, it is very possible.

"I have brooded over this for months, trying to decide who to contact. Then one day I thought to myself, "Who would care most about"

"Kimberly, but why not contact Lou Smit?"

I thought of him, but do not know how to reach him

"If you were in Patsy's shoes, would you want to speak to the woman, who accused her husband of such terrible things in the media? I would not, would you?"

If the way I have been portrayed in the media were true, probably not.

16 . "Ashley,"
Posted by Kimberly_Ballard on Nov-14-00 at 04:42 PM (EST)

I don't know who you are or why you are so filled with hate. But, no one this angry or closed minded can help solve the brutal murder of an innocent child. Do you respect Lou Smit? I've not met him, but from what I have heard, I can't imagine he would support your attitude

17 . "Jameson,"
Posted by Kimberly_Ballard on Nov-14-00 at 04:49 PM (EST)

I'll be back after 9:00 pm. That is my child's bedtime.

20 . "Lilac,"
Posted by Kimberly_Ballard on Nov-14-00 at 06:51 PM (EST)

I would like nothing better than to speak with someone working for the Ramseys today. Before you get all upset with me think about how hard I have tried for three weeks. First I left my name, number, and a synopsis of the information with Nedra Paugh. I fully expected to be contacted by an investigator. When ten days came and went with no contact, I tried another route. Jameson and I have been in contact since October, 30,2000. She knows how badly I feel I need to speak with someone. Still nothing. If you know how to reach Lou Smit let me know. I'll call him right now. Your post comes across as frantic as I have been feeling about speaking to someone in authority. I personally don't feel an internet forum is the place to be discussing leads in a murder case.
"Kimberly Ballard"
Posted by jameson on Oct-31-01 at 05:52 PM (EST)

I sent out many emails asking people to contribute to their part of the Who's who - and I started a forum for input. The forum is not being used, people don't care to contribute and that's fine. I will delete it.

But Kimberly Ballard did post - and since it was on a public forum, I don't feel it is fair to delete what she left there.

So here it is:


If you feel compelled to discuss and post about me get the facts straight. I have spoken extensively with a BPD detective about this case. We have talked from 1997 up to the present. Just because the authorities do not call you to discuss an open murder case does not give you the right to post libelous statements.

As for the " fifteen minutes of fame", if you consider the harassment, humiliation, and abuse which I have endured for the last five years to be fame, you have a strange definition of fame.
9 . "Ramsey case books"
Posted by Kimberly Ballard on Dec-06-01 at 01:40 PM (EST)

If anyone else is writing a book and planning to put my name in it, tell the truth. My name has been printed in numerous books on the Ramsey case. All without my prior knowledge or consent. My patience is gone. I will sue.

Kimberly Ballard

6, December 2001

13 . "Dannie"
Posted by Kimberly Ballard on Dec-06-01 at 02:45 PM (EST)

You misspelled my name. No, I did not go to the media with a story. A story was written about me in The Globe. It was only AFTER this that I spoke with someone in the media. I naively believed what the reporter told me. Which was, if I spoke with them I could tell the truth about The Globe story. Boy was I gullible. By the time they cut and edited the tape the situation was worse.

At least I caught on pretty quickly to their games. Which is why no one has seen or heard from me since May 1997.

Kimberly Ballard

26 . "Kimberly"
Posted by jameson on Dec-06-01 at 06:53 PM (EST)

Kimberly Ballard is an adult and can make her own decisions about where she wants to post - - if at all.

She has a hat here - she has the ability to edit her own posts. I verified it was her before I registed a hat for her. So if it is in the protected forum, it certainly IS her. (Here, it COULD be an imposter, but unlikely - - Kimberly follows the case and would be letting me know someone is impersonating her.)

Moving on....

The tabloid story? I believe her when she says they were less than honest. They do twist things to make them more sensational.

But there is more than that...

Kimberly knows that the transcripts of what she said on TV are available - it's hard to deny those words.

But she has told me the story she says she wants to remain HER STORY. That she did NOT have an affair with John... she met him once, in mixed company, they shared innocent talk, and they left separately and never met again.

The forums tend to go over and over the evidence and points... and going over Kimberly's story again can't hurt. Some people here probably don't know who she is, or they believe the old lies. I hope Kimberly is strong enough to come here and tell the truth - again.

30 . "I 'm really not sure"
Posted by Kimberly Ballard on Dec-06-01 at 10:40 PM (EST)

First of all Jameson's post #26 sums events up pretty well. With the exception of my attorney, I've told Jams more than I have anyone else.

Dannie, John never asked me to wear a child's tuxedo, and I never said he did. No, the Ramsey's have never attempted to sue me. I did speak with the authorities. More than once. That information however, would not make as titilating a story as the one told.

Mousey, You asked if there was someone in the media who might want to hurt me. I don't remember his words verbatim but, after my lawyer read The Globe story he used the word "malicious". The answer to your question is ,Yes.

I'll come back to this tomorrow. I still want to address Geraldo.

38 . "Geraldo"
Posted by Kimberly Ballard on Dec-07-01 at 02:37 PM (EST)

I was never on his show. I spoke with him once, on the phone. If a transcript of me on his show exists I would like to see and read it. I certainly never told him I had sex with John Ramsey. I never told anyone that. Geraldo did ask me to come on his show. I said no. I do know he was not happy that I turned him down. I saw him discuss the rebuff at the beginning of his show shortly after our phone conversation.

Jameson made a suggestion to me in an e-mail. I think it is a good one. It would be for me to make a page to tell everything truthfully. No one could edit, delete, interrupt, etc. I'm not computer savvy, so I will have to enlist help in setting it up.


46 . "" My Geraldo show ? ""
Posted by Kimberly Ballard on Dec-07-01 at 04:20 PM (EST)

If this was not in some way supposed to pertain to the brutal murder of a child, it would be down right hilarious. So, this is the infamous Geraldo transcript? It starts with Geraldo saying " I knew about this for a while, but didn't go with it because she wouldn't take a polygraph for me."

Never happened.!! I spoke with Geraldo once and only once on the phone. He did not ask me to take a polygraph test. Not in any way, shape, form, or fashion. The best I can tell Geraldo is supposed to be "rolling the Hard Copy tape". Carol McKinley is mentioned. Where is " my Geraldo show" that I am being told I did? This is crazy.

By the by, I've never changed my story. However, with all this fantasy about myself, I could write a book if I were so inclined.

Good grief, I'm going shopping.


52 . "Geraldo & polygraph"
Posted by Kimberly Ballard on Dec-07-01 at 05:06 PM (EST)


Like I stated on this thread in another post, Geraldo never asked me to take a polygraph test for him. It never happened. The Hard Copy producers asked me if I would take one. I said," Yes", and then they had a polygrapher come to Tucson and administer the test.

55 . "Ashley & Candy"
Posted by Kimberly_Ballard on Dec-07-01 at 09:59 PM (EST)

Ashley, When the BPD made their second trip to Tucson in April or May of 1997, yes it was on the local nightly news. It was on at 12:00pm, 5:00pm, and 10:00pm. FOX news and KGUN were outside. There were others as well. AJ was another one.

As for the polygraph Hard Copy did announce the results when they aired the show with me in it.

I know the e-mail to which you are referring. I will do what you asked.

60 . "Ashley,"
Posted by Kimberly_Ballard on Dec-07-01 at 11:38 PM (EST)

Going public with something so personal would not be for John and Patsy. It would be for public consumption, and hence tabloid fodder. I'll never speak publicly again. I have made my peace with the family to the extent possible.

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