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Paul Holes
Some quotes from a book written by Susan Hendricks - "Down the Hill".  It is about the Delphi murders.

They had been discussing offenders acting on their fantasies.  The a question by Susan Hendricks - " criminals necessarily go in KNOWING that murder be the outcome, or are they going in just thinking of that fantasy, and that becomes the outcome?"

Holes: "It is so dependent on the offender.  When I start talking about, let's say, a sexual predator, that's sexually motivated.  This type of offender has a fantasy in teerms of how he wants to carry out the sexual assault.  Now, many of these predators - they're typically called serial rapists, right?   Their intent is to do this sexual assault in the way thaat they need to.  Sometimes it is to dominate the victim.  It's very angry.  Other times, it's trying to experience something, almost like a concentual type of interaction.  These types of offenders are there to commit the sexual assault without the intent to kill.  That is NOT part of their fantasy."
"Some of these offenders will kill just to eliminate the witness, and this is where you go, 'Well, is that an act of homicide core to the signature of the offender?'  If it is, now you're dealing with someone who goes into the attack, into victim selection, where the attack's going to occur, with the INTENT to kill, because that is part of their signature.  That's part of the fantasy.  That's what they enjoy."
"And then other types of these offenders, somebody like Sam Little (a serial killer who murdered nearly one hundred women across three decades), they have what I call a God complex.  They determine when the victim dies, and someone like Sam Little would strangle his victims to the point of unconsciousness, only to allow them to come back to life and then strangle them again.  He's playing God.  So this  is where, now, that type of offender goes into the attack with the intent to kill."
Discussing fantasy-motivated offenders:

"We're seeing a fair number of these offenders that we're now terming ONE-OFF OFFENDERS. They are committing what appear to be fantasy-motivated crimes, predatory-style crimes but they never do it again. And this is is an interesting catagory of offender that needs to be studied. "

He says they may have had the fantasies for any number of years and not acted on them before or after the crime.

This was one of my first thought when JonBenet was first killed. That the crime may have been done to act out a fantasy but was so DIFFERENT from the fantasy that the killere fled without having his satisfaction and was "scared straight" bu that horrible night. He may be this kind of ONE-OFF criminal.

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