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Mall Program - man at mall
[color=var(--posttitletextcolor)]The Man at the Mall
[Image: renderTimingPixel.png]

[color=var(--newCommunityTheme-bodyText)]On December 22, JBR appeared in a show at the Southwest Plaza Mall. A recent podcast on the topic discusses a man who was intently watching her.
Here’s the information I have seen on this topic:
From the TimeLinePosted by jameson on Jul-17-03
December 22nd: There was a little show at the Southwest Plaza, pageant winners strutted their stuff in the mall. JonBenét was there. It was sponsored by America's Royal Miss and was carried on the local TV station.No list of people who attended that event.
From “The Killing of Jonbenet: Episode 10, Predators” podcast
Quote 1: At her talent show three days before her murder, there’s a man in a video that’s seen in the background of her talent show intently watching Jonbenet. He’s talking to another man down backstage and as she comes onstage he turns his attention towards her and walks away from the man, pretty much in mid sentence. And the guy turns around to see, well, “what are you looking at?” And then he sees that he’s watching Jonbenet.
Edit: Here is a video from this event:
In this video, there does seem to be a man who walks down the stairs to face JBR when she starts her performance. His head is cut off. It’s difficult to ascertain if this is the man mentioned in the podcast, but it’s worth noting.
Notice what the man is wearing? Khakis and a black fleece zip up. It certainly looks like some version of the Northface Denali fleece we all owned in the 90s. Do you recall any dark fibers being found on the victim?
Any thoughts about this man’s shoes? Because he sure looks like he could be wearing a brown Hitec boot.
Just some food for thought.
A separate video of the event seems to show the same man at a different time during the event. This time we can see his face.
Here are stills from the videos:
There is a separate account of a man intently watching Jonbenet from the adult Miss Colorado. We are unclear on what event this occurred at. It could have been the mall event, or it could have been the All Star Kids Christmas pageant in Denver earlier that month.
An email from UC Professor Michael Tracey to Lou Smit
“Several years back one of my students told me a really interesting story. Susan Rajabi was Miss Colorado in 1996. She was also a student in the School of Journalism. She was in a class where one of the assignments was to write a profile of someone. She asked if she could do one about me. When Miss Colorado who was also a contestant in the Miss America contest asks if she can talk to you one does tend to say yes. So we talked, and much of it was about my having done the first documentary etc etc. She told me a really interesting story.
She had been a judge at one of the pageants that JonBenet was involved in in 1996. After the judging, which JonBenet won, Susan noticed a guy with whom JonBenet seemed to be very friendly. She assumed it was JonBenet's father and went over, shook hands and said "you must be very proud of your daughter." He replies "yes I am."
After the murder, Susan was home watching the news with her dad. John Ramsey's photo came up on the screen, identified as JonBenet's father. She turns to her dad and says, "that's not the guy I met at the pageant with JonBenet." I pressed her on it and she was adamant that it wasn't even close.”
From “The Killing of Jonbenet: Episode 10, Predators” podcast
Quote 2: At the last talent show right before her death, there was a talent judge named Susan Rajabi. And she was also Miss Colorado of 1996. And she met a man that was intently watching Jonbenet and asssumed that that was her father, and said “oh you must be so proud of your daughter.” And he replied “yes I am.” Well days later when she sees the news footage she realizes “hey that wasn’t her dad that I spoke to that claimed to be her dad.”
I believe that it’s important to see if the description of this man aligns with other witness accounts. Are the man at the mall and the pageant man the same? Is this the same man that appeared at the parade? How about the man seen at the gas station in Charlevoix? Or the man in Charlevoix who asked for a ride to the airport? These witness accounts suggest premeditation and if they can be aligned more closely, a better perp description may arise.

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