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from Acandyrose
Why did Susan "Jameson" Bennett want to appear before the Grand Jury?

February 15, 1999: Susan "Jameson" Bennett: "I HAVE formally requested to be allowed to speak tot he grand jury IF certain other things take place in that room. I may have information that is important to the grand jury if they want the truth. As I said, my request was CONDITIONAL - I have information relating to a certain piece of evidence. If that is not brought up in the hearing, there is no need for me to speak. I have yet to hear if my request will be allowed or rejected. I expect it well may be rejected - But the fact is, my request is in and I have not received any response yet.

March 27, 1999: Susan "Jameson" Bennett: "I received a letter from Michael Kane advising me that my petition to be seen by the grand jury was not acceptable. He was not denying my request, he said, he was simply stating that I had not presented my request properly. "Because this is not a denial of your request to testify, but rather a determination that your petition does not meet the statutory requirements...." I reworded my application and resubmitted it immediately."

March 31, 1999: Susan "Jameson" Bennett: "I have information that the grand jury should know before they take ANY action - - before they vote OR before they wrote a report. I have given this information to the authorities and the Ramsey representatives. The authorities seem to wish I would disappear. The Ramsey representatives are not yet in any position to use the information I got to them. Since I have never spoken to any of the Ramsey lawyers, I don't know what they can or will do with it in the future. I have decided to go public with that information. The story will be out in April. It is scheduled to air on 48 Hours. Soon after, it will be on the internet."

April 1, 1999: Susan "Jameson" Bennett: "I have petitioned again to be heard by the grand jury. I may still get in. I understand it can be as little as 48 hours between the time they decide to let you appear and the actual appearance. Just have to hope they decide to correct a mistake."

If Micheal Kane had agreed to Susan "Jameson" Bennett's "CONDITIONAL REQUEST" to see the Ramsey Grand Jury, would Susan "Jameson" Bennett have cancelled her appearance on the CBS 48 Hours?

(MY RESPONSE) - - In the end I was told I would not be allowed to see the Grand Jury because if they let me in they would be exposing the name of another witness and they COULDN'T do that!    I believed he had NOT appeared, was later told by a grand juror that he was greatly influenced by Foster's HANDWRITING analysis "that "a"", he said.
How horrible that that was allowed.  But in the end, even though the GJ voted to indict the parents on what I considered to be garbage charges (in order to give the BPD a chance in court), DA Alex Hunter knew Foster was a charlatan and refused to file charges.  Kudos to him.

Oh, to answer the question - - NO I would not have cancelled my appearance on 48 Hours.  It had been taped months before and I would have wanted it to air.  Foster went on 20/20 and the response was equal in strength  Seems fair to me.

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