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Lou Smit on 48 Hours
         Erin Moriarty: (Voice Over) "But why would an intruder kill JonBenét and leave the bazaar two and half page ransom note with paper and pen belonging to Patsy? Boulder Police have always believed that Patsy used it to make it look like an intruder killed JonBenét."
         Erin Moriarty speaking to Lou Smit: "But if someone had been targeting JonBenét Ramsey, wouldn't he
         at least bring the paper and pencil to write this ransom note, I m
         Lou Smit: "They probably wouldn't bring it in. Why would you bring something in that can be traced
         back to your house where you have actual the pen and the ink and you have the paper right there
         that it was written on?"

         Erin Moriarty: "But you can't count on finding that in the house."
         Lou Smit: "Can't count on it. Most houses have that."
         Erin Moriarty: "No expert could eliminate Patsy Ramsey as the writer of the ransom note. That's
         damning isn't it?"

         Lou Smit: "No not at all. You're always going to have similarities in handwriting. To sit down and write
         a note like that, with all of those details in there after brutally killing your daughter, you'd never done
         that before? Come on, give me a break."

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