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Jim Clamente - BORG jerk
9 points on Clemente's podcast


The man is locked into a position and misrepresents the evidence.

The ransom note was 2 1/2 pages long, not 3 1/2.

DA Alex Hunter was on vacation and was NOT the one who made the decision not to separate and interview the parents. The blame falls on LE (including the FBI) who were in Boulder, Colorado at the time.

John Ramsey did NOT wait for the BPD to leave then for a neighbor to come over then instigate the basement search. The police left one detective at the house, SHE told John to take his friend Fleet and to search the house. Fleet had been there since 6 am. Clemente has his story in his mind and is not dealing with the facts.

The fact that this crime has no twin - really? No note left, but similar to the murders of Valerie Percy and Stephanie Crowe. Many crimes have no "twin", I don't know of ANY that match EXACTLY. Clemente is being stupid with that statement. That's just half of this man's presentation. He's not an authority on this case and I think he's just pure BORG.

Clemente says the wording of the ransom note is like out of a "B movie" - doesn't happen in real time. Problem is, it DID. There is nothing in the Ramseys' history that links them to that kind of writing. The author of the note probably had shown similar thoughts in his own journals (if he kept one) and his conversations.

Half way through, Clemente is going through the note and saying how ridiculous it is. Small foreign faction, John's company is cool but not the country it serves, $118,000. Everyone agrees the note makes little sense to, we;;, probably everyone but the author. He would attribute that to the parents? Based on what?? If Clemente represents the intelligence of the FBI, we all need to worry.

Clemente makes it clear he believes the ransom note was written after the murder. Lou Smit, John Douglas and others would argue that NO ONE would have written it AFTER, their adrenalin would have been running too high. The note was probably written BEFORE he took her from the bed. It was never a serious attempt to get money, it was simply role-playing by a sick, sick mind. It helped build up the killer's courage, made him feel like a man in control.

Clemente has a "practice note" removed from the pad and tossed in the trash bin. That is not what the BPD reported, but it seems better suited to Clemente's retelling of the story. The "practice note" was "Mr. and Mrs. l" - and it was found still attached in the legal pad.

9 - I AGREE WITH HIM ON SOMETHING!!! The ransom note was the "Hollywood version of what a ransom note is"." It was fantasy, a game played in the killer's mind. I would note here that Clemente has opinions, some based on BORG lies and myths - - but he doesn't share the TRUTH. The stun gun, unsourced cord, tape, prints, fibers, handwriting, and, most important, the DNA - - all that evidence is ignored. Clemente is a jerk.
Jim Clemente Asks John Ramsey A Tough Question - YouTube

I thought the question was just a bit of spite by a BORG who chooses to ignore the intruder evidence as shared by Lou Smit. I thought John's answer was honest, he can't explain the killer's mind.

I find Clemente to be a snake with a forked tongue. For Clemente to start out with his "condolences" and such - I found that nauseating because I don't believe for a second he meant a word of it. I could NEVER tell Susan Smith or Diane Downs that I wanted to offer them any comfort over the loss of the children we KNOW they murdered.

JMO. What do you all think?

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