What the grand jury saw

As most of you know, I have a large collection of case documents.  I am very hesitant to make things public as they are often twisted, edited, used for ill purposes.  

After a recent discussion with someone about the Grand Jury, I decided it is time to make clear just what kind of information was hammered into the grand jury.  So I am going to share a page...  well, part of it.

This is the kind of thing that the persecutors pushed - - - they treated Lou Smit with disrespect, denied my a seat so I could discredit Donald Foster - - a man they totally relied on to get the weak indictment from the GJ.  Instead they cemented in the minds of the grand jurors that they KNEW who did this - - it was her family, and they were working so HARD to prove it.  Why over two years after the murder, they were still following Patsy and recording her every move.  

No reason to investigate intruder suspects Lou Smit asked them to, they already knew who did it - - - just needed the GJ to let them have their day in court to convict her!

So here is part of a page the grand jury go to see.  On March 3rd, 1999, Patsy was followed as she dropped Burke off to school and then did her errands.  They noted everything, from the make of the car to the license plate number to the diner she went to, who she met, how long they visited.  I don't think we need to know who she visited that day or any day.  She was living a fairly normal life.  She had groceries to shop for, visits to the beauty parlor.  Her two sisters and parents lived nearby, she had doctor appointments and lawyer visits, church.    

On that day, she left a store at 5:57 and drove to pick Burke up from school.  They got home and the officer who had been following her for 9 hours quit for the day.  

The grand jury was continuously left with the knowledge that Patsy was being followed every day because the BPD wanted her on trial for this murder.

Meanwhile, reasonable suspects were NOT being investigated, followed.   I find that to be upsetting.

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