Church Foyer Group at house
This part of Patsy's interview starts with a discussion about Brian Perry, the church Sexton.

 TRIP DeMUTH: I had a question, was he over at the -- you had a foyer group, dinner party in early December, did you not?


TRIP DeMUTH: Was he there?

PATSY RAMSEY: Good question. You  know, he just came over. Did you ever get a list from -- I know we talked about that dinner  briefly (INAUDIBLE) and I said Carolyn Riley  (phonetic) is the kind of the lady in charge of that. She had the guest list and I was just  providing the house. So she might know specifically who was there.

 TRIP DeMUTH: You don't remember Brian Perry being there that night at all? 

PATSY RAMSEY: I -- I can't  remember who was there.

 TRIP DeMUTH: Do you remember what 16 your children did during that party, during the dinner, were they involved in that or were  they -- did you have any place in the house, where they being baby-sat somewhere else? Did they eat dinner with the church group?

PATSY RAMSEY: I think they were around. I don't know if they came down and kind of left me their bowls and went back to play. I
don't know. I didn't really -- it's been so long, I can't really remember. 

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PATSY RAMSEY: I do remember once we didn't have enough food and I had to call Treiling (phonetic) and order every piece of chicken wing and roll they had. Could have been you know -- everybody brought alcohol but not food, you know, everybody was supposed to bring something. There wasn't enough food. 

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