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details in porn group did it theory

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Evidence surrounding the JonBenet Ramsey murder:
As I said in a previous post, the JonBenet Ramsey murder happened under one set of circumstances at the Fleet Russell White Sr. Mansion in Boulder CO area and then the dead body was moved to the John and Patsy Ramsey residence and a fake crime scene was staged there as part of a cover up to hide the truth.  With a fake staged crime scene comes fake staged evidence. With a cover up that involves officials of the Boulder CO Police Department and others comes disinformation that is released to the public as fact.  A lot of the so called evidence that people discuss when trying to solve this case are red herrings meant to purposely prevent people from seeing the truth. Some of the clues or evidence in this case are genuine. In this post I want to discuss the evidence surrounding the murder and distinguish truthful evidence from staged evidence and disinformation.
911 call made by Patsy Ramsey on the morning of 12-26-1996: This was not a spontaneous call made by Patsy Ramsey upon the discovery that her daughter was missing as purported.  Instead it was part of the cover up to support a false time line of events.  
The ransom note:  The Ransom note was false evidence meant to deceive as part of the cover up. John Ramsey, Patsy Ramsey and others contributed ideas for the content of the ransom note. It is very likely that Patsy Ramsey wrote the ransom note but she did not write it alone. Other people including John Ramsey helped her write the ransom note. No fingerprints were found on the ransom note meaning someone else besides Patsy handled the ransom note after it was written. The $118,000.00 amount asked for in the ransom note was deception.  This was not a realistic number to ask for in a ransom note and also it was the very same amount as John's bonus.  This was a staged deception to deceive people.  The ransom note and this phony amount used in it were completely false and had nothing at all to do with the murder.  Choosing that amount was a deliberate attempt to point to John Ramsey or someone associated with his job as being the killer and away from the truth.

Evidence of over sized adult panties found on the body:  False evidence meant to deceive and obfuscate the truth. The adult panties were put onto the body as part of the staged crime scene at the Ramsey house. 

Evidence of the body being wiped down:  This was done to conceal the truth.  All evidence that could be removed from her body that would point to the truth was removed as much as possible.  It is very understandable why they would do this.  

Evidence of Double Strangulation:  True.  JonBenet Ramsey was strangled to death once at the Fleet Russell White Sr. Mansion.  She was strangled a second time at the Ramsey home as part of the staged crime scene. 

Evidence of Blood on the pillow case and pink gown:  Regarding the blood on the pillowcase, its possible that JonBenet's already dead body was placed in her bed initially as the conspirators tried to decide what to do.  If that happened then it is very possible that blood leaked from her dead body onto the pillowcase.  Regarding the blood on the pink nightgown, its possible that JonBenet was dressed in the pink nightgown after she was already dead and that blood leaked from her dead body onto the pink nightgown. JonBenet was not wearing a night gown or any other clothing at the time of her murder so if blood got on the gown its because the gown was put on her after her death.

Evidence of the wiped down flashlight placed in plain sight in the kitchen:  A false clue to give the impression to the police of an intruder breaking into the Ramsey home.  It was wiped down because someone outside of the family placed the flashlight there as part of the cover up. Even the batteries inside this flashlight were wiped down indicating that someone outside the family had set up the flashlight as false evidence.

Evidence of Foreign DNA found on the body which did not belong to any member of the family:  True.  One or more people outside of the Ramsey family were involved in her death and this DNA undoubtedly belongs to them.

Stun gun marks found on the corpse of JonBenet:  I believe that a stun gun was being used on JonBenet before her death to control her and to punish her when she disobeyed commands given to her by her father and others.  These stun gun marks were in places on JonBenet's body where they would not be easily seen by others.  As for the big stun gun marks found on her neck, its possible these were made while she was being abused at the sex party.  Its also possible that the big stun gun marks on her neck were made after she was already dead to support a fake crime scene scenario of an unknown intruder using a stun gun on JonBenet. 

Evidence of the Broken glass in the basement window:  False evidence to point to an intruder breaking into the Ramsey home.  John Ramsey or somebody else broke the window after the murder as part of the staged crime scene.  

Evidence of the suitcase found beneath the broken basement window containing a blanket and a Dr. Suess book:  When analyzed the blanket contained semen from JAR.  False planted evidence to conceal the truth and to lead to the notion that JAR was sexually abusing JonBenet and was responsible for the murder.  This was entirely staged evidence.  It was a red herring to point to JAR.  

Evidence of the rope found inside the sack in JAR's bedroom:  False planted evidence or disinformation to point to JAR as being involved in a kidnapping of JBR. Like the semen on the blanket inside the suitcase, this rope in the sack was staged evidence and a red herring to point to JAR.  

Evidence of the Pineapple being found in JonBenet's small intestine:  Could be true or could be false. If true, then JBR ate the pineapple during the Christmas party at the Fleet White Sr. residence. However, as part of the staged crime scene at the Ramsey house a glass bowl full of pineapple was placed on the kitchen table to give the false impression that JBR ate the pineapple inside the Ramsey home. This was to support a false timeline as part of the cover up. 

Evidence of Duct tape over JBR's mouth:  Either staged evidence or disinformation to point to the notion that JBR was being kidnapped by an intruder. Duct tape was never over her mouth while she was alive.  If duct tape was ever placed over her mouth then it happened after she was dead as part of the staging of the body.

Evidence of no footprints in the snow around the Ramsey house on the morning of 12-26: 100% Disinformation to give the impression that everything happened inside the Ramsey home and nobody from outside the home came into the Ramsey home.  In reality MANY people went into the Ramsey home after the murder to stage the false crime scene, etc. 

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