April 2000
From April of 2000, 4 months before the Atlanta Interviews...

RIVERA: So is it fair to say that, as of tonight, as we sit here tonight, you do not have convincing evidence of an intruder to the Ramsey home?

Mr. HUNTER: We have some evidence of intruder. We have not closed our mind to it. But I--I'm not
going to say that all we have is looking in the house. I'm not going to say that that's all we have or
all that we are concerned with, because there's--the case is more complicated than that.

RIVERA: The ransom note--clearly, it's a fake. When you say that Patsy Ramsey has not been
excluded as the author of the note, are you saying, because it's parallel to your previous statement
that they're not excluded as possible suspects in the case--are you saying that it is one of your
suspicions that Patsy Ramsey wrote the note or Patsy Ramsey is a suspect in the authoring of the

Mr. HUNTER: Well, you know, I--I think, in fairness to this investigation, the handwriting people that
we have retained in this case and that have been retained by the Ramseys, I--it--it is a very low
probability, according to these experts. Now these handwriting--you know, in the--in the Oklahoma
City bombing case, Matsch didn't let--let that stuff in. There's a lot of mumbo-jumbo to it. I don't
think it's particularly reliable. So I don't think it's fair to say that, you know, what these experts say,
sug--they just don't exclude her.

RIVERA: She's not...
Mr. HUNTER: They don't exclude her, but it's very low. And, frankly, if we get this to trial, which I
hope, I would prefer to give that note to the jury and give that jury historical writings that--that
might pertain to a particular individual and have them using their common sense, because these
handwriting people have come up with such a scale and standards that it's really hard to...

RIVERA: It's a--it's--it's not quite a science yet.

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