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Calling the friends
When Patsy called the Whites that morning, Priscilla answered the phone.  Patsy told her JBR had been kidnapped.  Priscilla woke Fleet up with the news.   (Black coiled)

Alan Prendergast wrote in Westword - The voice on the line belonged to a frantic Patsy Ramsey. "JonBenét's been kidnapped," she said. "Come over right now. Call the FBI." She hung up before the stunned Priscilla could say much of anything.

It took just minutes to get to the house and the police were already there.

The first thing Fleet saw was Patsy who was very distraught.  She was in the sunroom.

Alan Prendergast wrote - Fleet and Priscilla had never seen Patsy so hysterical, flailing and collapsing in sobs. John Ramsey wasn't known for displaying emotion -- Fleet, who'd done a lot of sailing with him in rough weather, had admired his calm in even the worst storms -- but he looked distraught, too.

Not sure how much time passed but Fleet went to the basement - of his own accord, no one asked or directed him to do that.  

Alan Prendergast wrote: While arrangements were under way to assemble the cash demanded, the Whites did what they could to be useful. Recalling how his own daughter had once gone missing only to be found hiding under her bed, Fleet took a quick tour of the basement, looking for hiding places. He and John collected Burke Ramsey from his room, and Fleet drove him to the Whites' house, to keep him away from the awful situation.

He noted the broken window but didn't remember if it was opened or closed.  He noticed the suitcase.  

He opened the door to the windowless room but couldn't find the light switch easily so left.

He was with John when the body was found - quoted John as saying "Oh my God."  

Fleet was surprised - he really thought it was a kidnapping.

INTERESTING - Fleet said he did not know who wrote the note.  Then he said he had an opinion on who did - but it was not based on the handwriting.  He refused to explain what may have caused him to feel he knew who wrote the note.
Regarding the incident at Don Paugh's house during the funeral trip - Fleet said he did not feel there was any confrontational conversation with John.
Fleet described John Ramsey as being "concerned, very anxious and upset" on the morning of the 26th. (black coiled)
BPD report - 5-402
Patsy's initial call to Barbara Fernie - Barbara, get over here as fast as you can. Something terrible has happened.
BPD report 5-403

Barb Fernie quote - "All I know is she told me she didn't read the whole note."

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