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from Brill's Content
"Thomas allowed Shapiro to sit in on a sensitive investigation.  In July, 1997, me to come to the police station to phone Pam Griffin, a friend of Patsy Ramsey, so that he could surreptitiously tape the conversation.  The detective wanted to document a remarkable assertion that Griffin had made to me:  Patsy Ramsey admitted to her that she wrote the so-called "practice note".  However, said Griffin, Patsy claimed it was just the aborted start to an invitation to some event which Patsy couldn't recall.  Thomas allowed Shapiro to monitor my conversation with Griffin.  The session was a bust, though, when Griffin dismissed her previous comments as "speculation" about Patsy's actions."
Everything that BPD tried to do fell apart, just like described here. There was no conversation at the end of the 911 call; there was no history of child abuse; there wasn't enough snow for there to be footprints in; etc., etc., etc. This is exactly what happens when police investigate innocent people: It all collapses.

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