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from another state 1961
Anne Marie Burr - Abducted by a Serial Killer?

[Image: renderTimingPixel.png]

Anne Marie Burr, aged 8, disappeared from her Tacoma, Washington home on August 31st, 1961.

[b]Timeline of Events[/b]
[i]A week before August 31st[/i]
Neighbors report seeing someone looking through windows of houses in the Burr's neighborhood. No one is able to give a good description of the "Peeping Tom".
[i]August 31st[/i]
Evening/Nighttime: Burr children and parents go to bed. One sister and two brothers went to the basement where their rooms were, Ann Marie and her younger sister went to their bedroom, the parents to theirs.
Middle of the Night: Anne Marie's younger sister begins to cry because the cast on her broken arm is bothering her. Ann Marie takes her sister into her parents' bedroom where they are both told to go back to bed.
Later: Parents awake to their dog barking, but assume it's because of the rainstorms that had been coming through the area and go back to sleep. The other children report not waking at all during the night.
[i]September 1st[/i]
5:30AM Anne Marie's Mother goes to check on her daughters and notices Ann Marie is not in bed. She begins to look around the house and sees that their front door which had been locked the previous night was now open and unlocked. Their living room window which was always open an inch or two was open wider. The family calls the police and continues searching the house for Ann Marie.
Sometime later that morning: The Police arrive and immediately launch an abduction investigation. Upon further inspection to the opened living room window they see that someone had pushed a garden bench under the window. There was also a footprint left from a Men's Keds sneaker, size 6 or 7. The police surmise this was made by a young adult male, or a small adult male. A red fiber was also found attached to the window sill, but nothing ever came of it.
Police investigated several sex offenders in the neighborhood but nothing was ever found, no new evidence surfaced, and no trace of Ann Marie was ever seen again.

Despite an exhaustive search and heavy questioning of the neighborhood no trace was ever found of Ann Marie's killer and her case grew cold. In the late 70's her case was given renewed interest when a man named Ted Bundy stood trial for the kidnapping, rape, and murders of women across the county.
I'm not going to hash out too much of Ted Bundy's history here; I will include links at the bottom if you don't know who he is or want to brush up on the finer points.
The reason for the renewed interest with the Bundy trials was because of the coincidental connections between him and Ann Marie;
  • In the 60's Ted Bundy and his mother were living with his great-uncle, Jack Cromwell, who happened to be Ann Marie's piano teacher.
  • They lived in close proximity to each other.
  • Relatives have stated that Ann Marie and Ted Bundy were friendly with each other and she knew he was the nephew of her piano teacher. As far as they know she wouldn't have had any reason to fear him.
  • Ted Bundy would have been 15 at the time of Ann Marie's disappearance, and would match the profile for the size shoe print found outside the window.
  • Bundy already had a record for wandering around late at night, and as an adult admitted to voyeurism (peeping through windows).
  • Ted Bundy had a paper route that included the Burr residence.
  • The street in front of the Burr home was being torn up for repaving the night she disappeared only to be covered with dirt and asphalt the next day. According to Burr's father the morning of her disappearance Ted Bundy was hanging around the construction site.
  • The true amount of women Ted Bundy killed is questionable. We know as his execution date drew nearer he started to hint about other murders, and give out some answers but he always refused to talk about Ann Marie Burr or would deny involvement. There is some speculation that Ted Bundy was ashamed at some of his murders, particularly ones of younger females such as 12yr old Kimberly Leach who he never admitted to but had evidence linking him as the killer.

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