A thread for Candy
Candy, you wrote, "Opening up the grand jury files would be a disaster. That is what the Scams want. They want to know who had credibility before the grand jury that indicted THEM and dig up whatever dirt they already don't have on them."

 I think all of us would like to see the transcript of the entire proceedings because there has been 20 YEARS of speculation and gossip.

The Whites want to see the documents and interviews that accused them of child abuse - - and I would think you would support their request.  After all, they were living a clean life in Boulder and all of a sudden Nancy Krebs made accusations that ripped their world apart.  (watch the 2014 tape of them addressing Boulder council).

Anyway, the Ramseys don't need to see the transcripts to know the prosecution team orchestrated a witch hunt in there, that they put on "expert opinions" that were fictitious, that Steve Thomas' theory was given credibility.  They know the intruder evidence was NOT welcome and when Lou Smit was on the witness stand he was treated with disrespect, scoffed at by Morrissey and Kane.  They know all that.

What they want is for the false witnesses to be help up for examination, that the truth be told and their reputations be restored.

They also know that even if a movie was released that secret elves took of the murder -- - the BORG would ignore it and stick to their BORG position and still blame the parents.

It's sad but true.

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