June 26, 1997 - possible computer tampering in war room
June 26, 1997 - Ramsey Update #49
June 26, 1997
Leslie Aaholm, Media Relations, 441-3090
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CBI Concludes Investigation of Computers
(Ramsey Update #49)
The Colorado Bureau of Investigation today provided an oral report to Boulder Police Chief Tom Koby, Boulder District Attorney Alex Hunter and Detective Commander John Eller on the findings of their investigation into possible computer tampering. CBI Agent in Charge Mark Wilson’s investigation has concluded the problem was equipment failure, not human intervention, and that no crime was committed.
CBI conducted interviews with all people who have access to information, took the computer apart for examination, and fingerprinted the inside and outside of the computer. A complete computer analysis by CBI’s computer crime division showed there was an intermittent short circuit in the battery back-up to the CMOS BIOS chip (this is the chip that supplies key memory functions such as time, date and password to the computer). The resulting loss of power made it appear as if there might have been improper access of the computer.
The power lapse was caused by a malfunction in the computer. CBI experts determined this was not an electrical power surge or a weather related phenomenon. In the course of the investigation all the computers were examined and all electrical connections were checked.
Both Chief Koby and Boulder District Attorney Hunter said, “We appreciate the great work of the Colorado Bureau of Investigation in this instance. They were quick to respond and reach a resolution. This incident needed to be investigated and we’re relieved that the investigation hasn’t been compromised. We have an outstanding group of officers working together and they will continue to work together as the analysis of this case continues.”
The Colorado Bureau of Investigation was called in on June 13 and they began investigating and interviewing people on June 16. In the course of their investigation, they eliminated the possibility of burglary or any breach of security.

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