the alarm system
TT:  Okay. And let me back you up just a little bit. Do you guys ever use the alarm system I that house at all?
PR:  No, we didn’t use it in years.
TT:  Okay. Do you remember about when the last time you used the alarm system was?
PR:  Well, I remember when JonBenet was probably two or three, it was, the house was still under construction. She was probably two.
TT:  Um hum.
PR:  And I didn’t even know the alarm system was activated yet, because we had had so many people in and out of there. She drug that little, this little bench we had back by the garage door, drug it over and I think she was trying to hit the garage door opener, but she hit, you know, boom, boom, boom on that . . .
TT:  The keypad.
PR:  . . .keypad and I mean it just, it’s an interior alarm. It’s got the speakers or whatever they are inside the house and it is just deafening. And uh, John, we ran back to the keypad, cause I had never really heard it go off and she was standing there, you know, like, and uh, I mean, I didn’t even know how to shut the dumb thing off cause I didn’t even know it was activated and pretty soon I, I was trying to call Safe Systems or whoever it was that I thought had been working on it and uh, I mean, you just couldn’t stay in the house it was so awful, so loud. And uh, I remember grabbing John’s cellular phone, because I couldn’t dial it inside the house it was too . . .
TT:  Um hum.
PR:  . . .loud and pretty soon I heard these sirens and apparently she had hit the button that, you know, don’t ask questions, just sent help.
TT:  Um hum. So everybody came.
PR:  Everybody came and, and, you know, they were saying well, you know, if this is your house why don’t you turn it off? And I was like we don’t know the code, you know, so that was the last, so we didn’t use it because of that, cause, cause like every time that we ever used the alarm system it would go off erratically and . . .
TT:  Had problems with it? So it hasn’t, you hadn’t use it or it has it not been hooked up to an alarm company at all?
PR:  I believe it was hooked up to a, um, I don’t know if you call it an alarm company or whatever, but for fire . . .
TT:  Um hum.
PR:  . . .but somehow I think that the smoke detectors were incorporated into that. . .
TT:  Um hum.
PR:  . . .and I think we did have it monitored, you know, for that purpose. . .
TT:  Okay.
PR:  . . .for the fire protection.

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