Patsy on the bonus
ST:  How immediate did it come to your mind or John’s mind uh, that that uh, amount of money asked for in the ransom note roughly equaled John’s bonus? Were you aware of that on the morning of the 26th?
PR:  Was I, was I aware of what now?
ST:  The bonus amount equaling. . .
PR:  I was not aware that, I, I didn’t know that he had gotten a bonus.
ST:  Okay.
PR:  Or that that, he takes care of all that stuff and I didn’t know, I think at some time that morning he, I remember him saying that that might be close to a figure that was a bonus that he had gotten, but. . .
ST:  Okay. I’m assuming his salary, and I don’t know if you know this, was to $118,000. Do you know what John’s salary was in relation to a bonus being $118,000?
PR:  I don’t know any of that.
ST:  Are you not privy to any of the financial information in the household.
PR:  Well, I’m sure I’m privy. I can see it if want to, but . . .
ST:  Okay.
PR:  . . .I just. . .
ST:  Okay. That’s not your day to day affair?
PR:  That’s not my day. . . no.

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