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Here is one of their theories

ive been hesitant to post my theory as im still now absorbing so much info from other posters and i respect the thought and commitment each poster brings to finding justice for JBR.
there are elements from all RDI that make perfect sense even though i have no doubt many have to be wrong (or right!) for the simple reason something JR said about us and the beer can collecting club a long time ago makes me think he thinks we put way too much thought into every little thing, trying to find that aha clue. (and we will JR :jail[Image: clear.png]
a few points to start.

- i dont believe they were as worried about evidence as we think. like fibres etc.
they were paranoid about the finger prints thats it.
- i think there was multiple crime scenes as the night progressed and the situation intensified.
- every possible avenue of justice has really been denied to this little darling.
even the AR was based on ONE examiners opinion. maybe dr meyers is a gun coroner maybe he's not. but the fact remains he made some very unclear observations in the report and its a damn shame that another examiners interpretations of her injuries isnt available to us. (not just them reading and interpreting his report)

so....im not going to write a book.
we all know the basics im just going to bullet form the points to my theory.

-nobody went to bed christmas night.
they all walked in. kids had a snack. Tired and frazzled PR marched JB upstairs for bedtime routine.
she started at the top ie fixed JB hair for bed started on the Pj's got to the black pants and discovered an incident down there that exasperated her.
PR losses it and drags JB to the bathroom for what has become a progressively angrier brutal mean abusive (torturous) clean up.
during the painful vaginal cleanup JB makes a run for it,PR grabs her by the collar and drives her back into the bathroom where the head injury happens by means of accidental brutal force into the door frame on the way.
PR is aware immediately how dire the hit was.
she screams for JR (who has BR in toe)
JBR is rendered unconscious immediately, JR picks her up and puts her on her bed so they can assess her properly.
i believe that they were waiting to see if she would come round having no medical idea really how serious her brain injury was, most likely about 15 minutes .
[b]this should have been the time 911 was called why wasnt it???
[/b]because PR knew what she was physically doing to JB was wrong and i think what started as a hesitation to call 911 became a non alternative when she started most likely fitting or some other horrific event that JR instinctively took her down stairs hurriedly with PR in toe where it was decided to send her to god in mercy.

they quickly fastened a makeshift ligature and utilised it fast.
- during this time BR was roaming around JBs room in a haze and might have likely soiled himself in sheer fright. then in a bizaar night of events behaved debravely just in auto pilot...coping mechanism ( poo smearing) .
- i think JBR was placed in size 6 underwear and the pink pj bottoms in her room after the head injury but while waiting to see how she was.
after she was strangled i think she was probably leaking fluids especially from the trauma to her virgina which PR couldnt have anyone notice.she was stripped of those dirty clothes wiped and i believe PR had lightbulb moment of the size 12s nearby and i imagine like most families there would have been a box or bags of old clothes down stairs and that is where she came upon the long johns and quickly put them into play.
they didnt realise that through the death process of the hours ahead JBR would keep leaking fluids.
-i think JR and PR spent along time with her at this point.
they grieved, they yelled at each other then they went into survival mode.
hatched the ridiculous RN and failed kidnapping plan.
-they burnt JBR with the cigars and tortured her virgina to make it look like an intruder.
-wiped the torch and the ransom note for finger prints
-semi hid JBR
-had a intense chat with BR in his room
-PR freshened her make up and hair while JR showered
-911 call

lots of people on this forum think the parents covered for the kid....but why couldnt and wouldnt the kid cover for the parents?
there are alot of things pointing to BDI as well. I am still open to all theories!
but as above keeps niggling at me without change. so i guess i am staking myself P&JDI :fence:

ps i think the incriminating evidence was in the damn golf bag!!!

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