May 12, 1997 - Redaction of autopsy report extended
May 12, 1997 - Ramsey Update #43
May 12, 1997
Suzanne Laurion, District Attorney’s Office,
441-4702 or 530-9242
Ramsey Case New Release Index
District Attorney reacts to Ramsey Ad:
Redaction of autopsy report extended
(Ramsey Release #43)

There follows a letter from Boulder District Attorney Alex Hunter responding to the Ramsey’s ad in the May 11, 1997 Boulder Daily Camera.
Second, is the petition from the Boulder County Coroner to extend the redaction of the autopsy report in the JonBenet Ramsey case. The District Court finds that the existing order restricting disclosure should be continued until the Court has ruled on the Coroner’s Petition.
We will have no additional comment on these issues.
Note: For a copy of this correspondence
contact Suzanne Laurion,
District Attorney's Office
at 441-4702 or 530-9242

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