April 30, 1997 - John and Patsy interviewed by police
April 30, 1997 - Ramsey Update #42
April 30, 1997
Leslie Aaholm, Media Relations, 441-3090
Ramsey Case New Release Index
Statement from Boulder Police Chief Tom Koby and
Boulder County District Attorney Alex Hunter
(Ramsey Update #42)

Two Boulder police detectives today conducted interviews with John and Patricia Ramsey at the Offices of the Boulder County District Attorney.
Also present for the interviews were a representative from the Boulder County District Attorney’s Office, an attorney for the Ramsey family, and a Ramsey family investigator. The interviews began at 8 a.m.
Conditions of the interviews met the specifications outlined last week by the Boulder Police Department:
  1. John and Patricia Ramsey would be interviewed separately.
  2. Patricia Ramsey would be interviewed first.
  3. There would be an open-ended time frame for the interviews, with reasonable breaks.
  4. The interviews would be tape recorded.
  5. The interviews would be conducted by two Boulder police detectives selected in consultation with District Attorney Hunter. Each interviewee would be accompanied by his/her attorney.
  6. The location of the interviews would be acceptable to the Boulder Police Department.
Neither the Boulder Police Department nor the Boulder County District Attorney’s Office will comment further on today’s interviews.

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