March 6, 1997 Cellmark, Patsy handwriting, clearing JAR and Melinda, Mason cleared
March 06, 1997 - Ramsey Update #32
March 6, 1997
Leslie Aaholm/Kelvin McNeill
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Ramsey Case New Release Index
Ramsey Case News Release #32
March 6 Update
Various items in the case have been sent to CellMark Diagnostics in Maryland for DNA testing. The items were delivered on Tuesday, Feb. 28. The testing by CellMark could take up to six weeks for results.
Boulder Police are in receipt of a third set of handwriting samples from Ms. Patricia Ramsey. These items were collected by Boulder Police on Friday, Feb. 28. Police had difficulty obtaining satisfactory samples because Ms. Ramsey is reported to have been taking medication since Dec. 26.
Based on the information Boulder Police have to date, police are now able eliminate John Andrew and Melinda Ramsey as a potential suspects. John Andrew and Melinda are being publicly cleared of involvement to relieve them of stress caused by inappropriate speculation.
Boulder Detectives traveled to Roswell, Georgia for the express purpose of collecting conclusive evidence that would allow us to eliminate John Andrew and Melinda from suspicion in this case. Upon arrival, we were informed that John B. Ramsey had retained attorney James Jenkins in Atlanta to represent Lucinda Johnson, Melinda and John Andrew. Mr. Jenkins declined to allow his clients to speak with us. As a result, alternative sources of information had to be developed which delayed our ability to publicly issue this information.
The Boulder Police internal investigation process which was initiated to examine a concern that Detective Sgt. Larry Mason was involved in an unauthorized release of information has been completed. The process has determined this concern to be unfounded.

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