Feb. 17, 1997 Roswell interviews
Feb. 17, 1997 - Ramsey Update #29
February 17, 1997
Leslie Aaholm, Media Relations,
(303) 441-3090
Pager: (303) 441-3851, pager #4060
Ramsey Case New Release Index
Statement from City of Boulder Media Releations
(Ramsey Update #29)
The Boulder Police Department's field investigation in the Roswell, Georgia area is expected to be completed today. Our investigators plan to leave the area late tonight. No determination has been made concerning possible return trips to the area.
Once completed today, our investigators will have:
  1. Conducted more than 20 formal police interviews this weekend, bringing to about 110 the number of total interviews conducted in this case both in Colorado and out of state.
  2. Conducted more than 35 hours of interviews this weekend, all of which were either video or audio taped. Some interviews were multi-hour interviews.
"Our two investigators in Georgia worked tirelessly this weekend and are taking the time they need to get the job done professionally. The work in Roswell is another piece in the puzzle as our investigators try to determine who killed JonBenet.
The weekend visit to Roswell was very focused and without distractions. The investigators reinterviewed some people they talked to on their previous visit, talked to some new people, and gathered some new information in an attempt to tie up some loose ends.
Police are not at the point in the investigation where any suspects can be named. Again, we want to thank the Roswell community for their patience and especially thank our host agency, the Roswell police department for their logistical support."

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