Feb. 13, 1997 - DA's dream team of DAs
Feb. 13, 1997 - Ramsey Update #28
Feb. 13, 1997
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Ramsey Case News Release #28
Expert Prosecution Task Force Formed
Boulder County District Attorney Alex Hunter and Boulder Police Chief Tom Koby today announced the creation of an Expert Prosecution Task Force, which includes Dr. Henry Lee and four Colorado district attorneys to assist in the investigation and preparation of the JonBenet Ramsey homicide case, saying "we intend to pursue this case as aggressively as possible."
Criminologist Dr. Henry Lee is the Director of the Connecticut State Police Lab. He is an expert in the field of crime scene reconstruction and evidence collection. He is assisting in this case with the support of Connecticut Gov. John Rowland.
Four Colorado district attorneys have agreed to serve on the Task Force, making their offices' expertise and other resources available on call. The participants are: Bill Ritter of Denver, Dave Thomas of Jefferson, Bob Grant of Adams and Jim Peters of Arapahoe counties. Other members of the task force may be announced in the near future.
Although not a member of the Task Force, noted criminal defense attorney Barry Scheck will be advising the Task Force as an expert in DNA evidence and other matters. Scheck is a professor at the Cardosa Law School in New York. He is a private practice attorney and heads the Innocence Project, which has used DNA evidence to exonerate 40 individuals wrongly convicted of crimes. Scheck also is a commissioner for the New York State Commission on Forensic Science, which regulates the work of state crime labs.
According to District Attorney Hunter, "As this case has proceeded, we have sought outside expertise when it has been needed. We are entering a long-term strategy phase and the Expert Prosecution Task Force will be a valuable asset and resource."
In addition to announcing the Expert Prosecution Task Force, Chief Tom Koby also stated: "We have received the results of some evidence in this case. Specifically, the testing on the DNA evidence has been completed by the Colorado Bureau of Investigations. We will now send the DNA samples to Cellmark Laboratories for additional testing. These tests could take four to six weeks. Let me remind you, the results of these tests, although important, are not the final piece of this complex investigation."
Hunter and Koby both asserted, "This case does not lend itself to a quick solution and we are sure everyone agrees that we need to be methodical and professional in our approach to ensure a successful prosecution."
There have been no arrests, there are no arrests pending and police have not named any suspects in the murder of JonBenet Ramsey.

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