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Steve Thomas' book
From page 19 - hardcover

Sgt. Reichenback ...."saw no fresh foot impressions, found no open doors or windows, nothing to indicate a break-in, but walking on the driveway and sidewalks left NO VISIBLE PRINTS."  (jameson's emphasis)

Considering both John Fernie and Scott Gibbons saw the door to the butler's kitchen open and unattended early that morning, I have to wonder just how hard Sergeant was looking at the time.  There was at least one open window - deliberately left open to run electrical cords to the Christmas decorations and there was ONE broken window where an intruder could have gotten in.  I think his report would say he didn't notice anything, be shameful if he stated as fact the house was securely locked up.    

But that is not the subject of this thread.  

Point is, even Steve Thomas admits the walks were clear and not covered in snow.

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