Kim Ballard
9 . "Ramsey case books"
Posted by Kimberly Ballard on Dec-06-01 at 01:40 PM (EST)

If anyone else is writing a book and planning to put my name in it, tell the truth. My name has been printed in numerous books on the Ramsey case. All without my prior knowledge or consent. My patience is gone. I will sue.

Kimberly Ballard

6, December 2001

13 . "Dannie"
Posted by Kimberly Ballard on Dec-06-01 at 02:45 PM (EST)

You misspelled my name. No, I did not go to the media with a story. A story was written about me in The Globe. It was only AFTER this that I spoke with someone in the media. I naively believed what the reporter told me. Which was, if I spoke with them I could tell the truth about The Globe story. Boy was I gullible. By the time they cut and edited the tape the situation was worse.

At least I caught on pretty quickly to their games. Which is why no one has seen or heard from me since May 1997.

Kimberly Ballard

26 . "Kimberly"
Posted by jameson on Dec-06-01 at 06:53 PM (EST)

Kimberly Ballard is an adult and can make her own decisions about where she wants to post - - if at all.

She has a hat here - she has the ability to edit her own posts. I verified it was her before I registed a hat for her. So if it is in the protected forum, it certainly IS her. (Here, it COULD be an imposter, but unlikely - - Kimberly follows the case and would be letting me know someone is impersonating her.)

Moving on....

The tabloid story? I believe her when she says they were less than honest. They do twist things to make them more sensational.

But there is more than that...

Kimberly knows that the transcripts of what she said on TV are available - it's hard to deny those words.

But she has told me the story she says she wants to remain HER STORY. That she did NOT have an affair with John... she met him once, in mixed company, they shared innocent talk, and they left separately and never met again.

The forums tend to go over and over the evidence and points... and going over Kimberly's story again can't hurt. Some people here probably don't know who she is, or they believe the old lies. I hope Kimberly is strong enough to come here and tell the truth - again.

30 . "I 'm really not sure"
Posted by Kimberly Ballard on Dec-06-01 at 10:40 PM (EST)

First of all Jameson's post #26 sums events up pretty well. With the exception of my attorney, I've told Jams more than I have anyone else.

Dannie, John never asked me to wear a child's tuxedo, and I never said he did. No, the Ramsey's have never attempted to sue me. I did speak with the authorities. More than once. That information however, would not make as titilating a story as the one told.

Mousey, You asked if there was someone in the media who might want to hurt me. I don't remember his words verbatim but, after my lawyer read The Globe story he used the word "malicious". The answer to your question is ,Yes.

I'll come back to this tomorrow. I still want to address Geraldo.

38 . "Geraldo"
Posted by Kimberly Ballard on Dec-07-01 at 02:37 PM (EST)

I was never on his show. I spoke with him once, on the phone. If a transcript of me on his show exists I would like to see and read it. I certainly never told him I had sex with John Ramsey. I never told anyone that. Geraldo did ask me to come on his show. I said no. I do know he was not happy that I turned him down. I saw him discuss the rebuff at the beginning of his show shortly after our phone conversation.

Jameson made a suggestion to me in an e-mail. I think it is a good one. It would be for me to make a page to tell everything truthfully. No one could edit, delete, interrupt, etc. I'm not computer savvy, so I will have to enlist help in setting it up.


46 . "" My Geraldo show ? ""
Posted by Kimberly Ballard on Dec-07-01 at 04:20 PM (EST)

If this was not in some way supposed to pertain to the brutal murder of a child, it would be down right hilarious. So, this is the infamous Geraldo transcript? It starts with Geraldo saying " I knew about this for a while, but didn't go with it because she wouldn't take a polygraph for me."

Never happened.!! I spoke with Geraldo once and only once on the phone. He did not ask me to take a polygraph test. Not in any way, shape, form, or fashion. The best I can tell Geraldo is supposed to be "rolling the Hard Copy tape". Carol McKinley is mentioned. Where is " my Geraldo show" that I am being told I did? This is crazy.

By the by, I've never changed my story. However, with all this fantasy about myself, I could write a book if I were so inclined.

Good grief, I'm going shopping.


52 . "Geraldo & polygraph"
Posted by Kimberly Ballard on Dec-07-01 at 05:06 PM (EST)


Like I stated on this thread in another post, Geraldo never asked me to take a polygraph test for him. It never happened. The Hard Copy producers asked me if I would take one. I said," Yes", and then they had a polygrapher come to Tucson and administer the test.

55 . "Ashley & Candy"
Posted by Kimberly_Ballard on Dec-07-01 at 09:59 PM (EST)

Ashley, When the BPD made their second trip to Tucson in April or May of 1997, yes it was on the local nightly news. It was on at 12:00pm, 5:00pm, and 10:00pm. FOX news and KGUN were outside. There were others as well. AJ was another one.

As for the polygraph Hard Copy did announce the results when they aired the show with me in it.

I know the e-mail to which you are referring. I will do what you asked.

60 . "Ashley,"
Posted by Kimberly_Ballard on Dec-07-01 at 11:38 PM (EST)

Going public with something so personal would not be for John and Patsy. It would be for public consumption, and hence tabloid fodder. I'll never speak publicly again. I have made my peace with the family to the extent possible.

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