Details from Paula Woodward's book
(03-01-2017, 12:14 PM)jameson245 Wrote: An interesting detail - Patsy was interviewed by Paula and she described putting JonBenét to bed that night.  John had carried JonBenet up the stair and put her on the bed.  Patsy removed the black velvet pants and put long johns on her.  Then Patsy covered her daughter with her bedspread and kissed her on the forehead.  "I took a moment just to smile and absorb this exhausted little girl sleeping before me and (having) what must have been happy dreams.  Then I went to bed."

Patsy didn't mention the blanket being on the bed and my thoughts on the subject are this - - I think the intruder went into the house and went through the house looking for the right place to act out his fantasy.  The basement was far enough away from the parents' room, they were three floors above the basement area he finally chose.  But the basement was hardly going to be a "comfortable" place for any encounter.  It was cluttered and pretty dirty.  Did he take the blanket down to the basement before the Ramseys got home?  If not, why didn't Patsy cover her with the blanket?

I wonder if they did DNA tests on the blanket.

I JUST thought that too!!!! I was reading this part a few days ago. .. the bedspread stuck out to me too. Bedspreads are not comfortable lol. Makes me wonder if she was too exhausted to realize the blanket wasnt there... or if she had a moment of being confused where the blanket was.

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