Man: What the Ramseys did not know was that day, the day of the funeral, the most damaging story yet had appeared. It said they had hired top criminal lawyers to defend themselves. Many saw that as final proof of their guilt. In fact, the attorneys had been hired by Mike Bynum. Bryan Morgan who took the case, defends his decision.

Bryan Morgan: It is foolish to blindly throw oneself into the law of the justice system and to trust the result – One simply must be thoughtful about the way one acts, especially in a case of media attention reaches the point of near hysteria and especially in a case of media attention which from the outset portrays certain people as clearly guilty. That is the way towards the conviction of innocent people in this country.

Mike Bynum: If you're guilty you should have a lawyer and I want to tell you what, if you're innocent you'd better have a lawyer. There is no difference.

Man: But the lawyers made one mistake which made things worse for the Ramseys. A news story emerged that they had hired publicists. It convinced many they were now using their wealth to escape justice. In fact the publicists had been hired by their attorneys who admit it was a mistake.

Bryan Morgan: By the end of the first week, my law firm in Denver had received 200 phone calls. They clogged the switchboard, we got letters at home, I got notes stuffed through the mailbox of my house at home proposing that I meet people at night to discuss this, journalists. We hired someone to try to take that away from us so we could function as lawyers. I don't know how we could have done it better but we clearly should have.

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