May 20, 1997 Patsy gives 5th handwriting sample
May 20, 1997 - Ramsey Update #45
May 20, 1997
Leslie Aaholm, Media Relations, 441-3090
Suzanne Laurion, District Attorney’s Office,
441-4702 or 530-9242
Ramsey Case New Release Index
Fifth handwriting sample obtained
(Ramsey Release #45)

A fifth handwriting sample was obtained today from Patricia Ramsey. Attorneys for Mrs. Ramsey and representatives from the Boulder Police Department and District Attorney's Office were present, along with a handwriting expert from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.
No additional comment on this matter will be provided
There follow 20 pages of material including:
  • Judge Glowinsky's ruling to deny the Motion for Stay Pending Appellate Review
  • Statement from Deputy Boulder Co. Attorney Madeline Mason
  • Complete Motion for Temporary Stay
NOTE: for the above material contact Suzanne Laurion,
District Attorney's Office at 441-4702 or 530-9242

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