April 8, 1997 - John Brewer Eustace, Charlotte, NC
April 08, 1997 - Ramsey Update #37
April 8, 1997
Leslie Aaholm, Media Relations, (303) 441-3090
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Ramsey Investigation Update #37
Boulder Police today confirmed that Detectives Steve Thomas and Ron Gosage visited Charlotte, North Carolina to follow up on the Ramsey investigation. The detectives were in Charlotte April 6 and 7. Charlotte Police contacted Boulder Police following their arrest of John Brewer Eustice because of similarities in his case and that of JonBenet Ramsey. Following an extensive interview with Eustice, Detectives Thomas and Gosage were able to conclusively rule him out as a suspect in the Ramsey case. Detective Commander John Eller adds, “We are appreciative of this help from the Charlotte Police Department, as we have been of other law enforcement agencies throughout this investigation.”
Detectives from the Boulder Police Department are currently in the Atlanta area continuing to gather information.
Eller explains, “Right now we’re in an analytical phase of the investigation. As we read through over 200 interviews and review material, our investigators will be in and out of state on a myriad of tasks, but we’re not going to provide an itinerary. We have indicated throughout this case that we will talk to experts and interview people who may have information. That will occasionally take us out of state. However, there have been instances where people decided not to talk with our detectives because of the attention this case is receiving. Obviously, that does not help move the case forward.”
Other updates:
DNA testing continues at Cellmark Diagnostics in Maryland. Completion of tests and analysis is expected in four to six weeks.
CRIMSTOPPERS continues to monitor calls on the Ramsey case. In Colorado, people with information can call (303) 440STOP or from outside Colorado, call 18004443776.

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