Lynn Wilcox
Reportedly, a housekeeper at Ramsey house, she lost her job after being caught nosing around in some personal papers.  Detective Harmer interviewed her briefly.
Over Thanksgiving break in 1994, the Ramseys went to Georgia. I was working for them as their housekeeper. When I came to work Monday morning, the house was flooded. A window in John's third-floor bathroom had been left open by a painter. Then the wind blew the shutter, which apparently hit the hot-water control on the shower and turned it on. The water must have been running for three days. It destroyed the bathroom floor, ran down into John Andrew's [John Ramsey's oldest son] closets and out into his room on the second floor, and all the way down into some rooms on the ground floor.
When John and Patsy showed up, they went straight upstairs. We were all standing in the bathroom. There was water everywhere. John was in his stocking feet; he always took his shoes off when he came into the house. He slammed the window shut. Then he realized his socks were wet. That made him furious. He was more mad about his socks being wet than about the house being ruined. I looked into his eyes, and they'd almost changed color. He was so angry. Really angry. I don't know how to explain it. It was like this light switch had come on behind his eyes. It was the last straw.
He didn't freak out, didn't throw things. But you could see the rage. You could feel it. I mean, it was powerful. I wanted to get out of the room, but Patsy was standing between me and the door. I'm not saying he didn't have a right to be angry. I'm just saying I saw him angry. I saw the coldest eyes. He never said a word, but it was right there in his face. It was palpable.
Patsy was freaking out. It was ""What are we going to do? We're having the Christmas house tour . . .'' He was angry, but she was in a total panic. The flood had ruined Patsy's image of what her perfect house should look like.
Linda Wilcox always sounded like a very bitter woman.
Boulder, Colorado
Summer 1993

Linda Wilcox
New Housekeeper Linda Wilcox began helping as Ramsey Housekeeper

"I got to know Suzanne Savage from church. When she was totally overwhelmed by her workload at the Ramseys', I helped out. Ended up staying for almost three years" (snip) "I was working for them when Patsy got sick with cancer and after she recovered. During that time, Nedra moved in and was caring for the children." [Linda Wilcox PMPTpg258]
Boulder, Colorado
Summer 1994
JonBenet's New Dog Jacques

"Patsy didn't want a dog. And, she didn't want JonBenet to have a dog. This particular dog didn't get the potty training thing down very well, he tended to leave puddles. He was pretty much relegated to the wood floor at the bottom of the spiral staircase and out the side door off the patio. John told Patsy to get JonBenet a dog." (snip) "Patsy chose a Bichon" (Linda Wilcox 7/98]

MY COMMENT - Not sure how much of this is true - - I would think both kids would have been teasing for a dog and John would be LESS likely to tell Patsy to get a dog than Patsy would agree to get one because she liked giving the kids what they asked. But a dog WAS adopted - - and when it became clear Burke had allergies, the dog was relocated to the Barnhill house. (Allergies verified by Burke's medical records.)
Boulder, Colorado
October 31, 1994 Halloween 1994 (JonBenet dressed as a good witch)

"Yeah, the Halloween of '94. And she had this, it was actually kind of cute, it was this little witches costume but it wasn't your standard, you know, black dress, pointy hat, it had orange criss-cross striping and it had a little cape." (snip) "she said I'm gonna be a witch for halloween but I'm not going to be a bad witch. I'm going to be a good, sexy witch." [Linda Wilcox on Peter Boyles 7/98]
. Boulder, Colorado
October 31, 1994

School Halloween Party Halloween Party at School 1994

"I told Patsy of a place I knew of where they sold costume items" (snip) "and she went there and bought this witch outfit. It is my understanding that there were several comments made by a very bitter woman in Boulder about this costume when JonBenet wore it to her school Halloween party." [Pam Paugh Q&A 11/04/99]
Summer 1995 JonBenet and Burke both got Chicken Pox

"It was the summer of '95." (snip) "two or three weeks before they left for Michigan." (snip) "and her and Burke both caught the chicken pox." (snip) "Patsy is in the kitchen on the telephone with the doctor." (snip) "she's got these spots on her face and we need to have a photo shoot in about 3 days. Is there anything you can give her to get rid of the spots?" [Linda Wilcox on Boyles 7/98]
September 4, 1995 (Photo Shoot) (age 5) (?? photographer David Haskel in Denver)

"The very last time I saw JonBenet, (snip) it was on a Monday [9/4/95] and they were getting ready for a photo shoot. She went upstairs and got all of her little dresses and costumes, (snip) Remember the pictures where she is in the bathing suit, she's with this little inflatable duck. That was that photo shoot. (snip) That's the last time I saw her alive. [Linda Wilcox 7/21/98]"

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