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From Patsy's interview - June 1998 - jameson245 - 11-15-2020

 TRIP DeMUTH: Do you remember the white panties with the printed rosebuds with the words of the day on it, did that sound like JonBenet's panties? 

 PATSY RAMSEY: Could have been. She had a lot of 'em, so, I don't know. 

TRIP DeMUTH: And how -- 

PATSY RAMSEY: If I saw them, I might recall them.

 TRIP DeMUTH: How often would she change her underwear? Was she good about changing them daily? 

PATSY RAMSEY: Oh, yes, yes. Usually we bathed every day and -- 


PATSY RAMSEY: -- changed her underwear. 

TRIP DeMUTH: Let me ask you if you remember the last time you remember her bathing? 

PATSY RAMSEY: I believe -- I believe the 24th, before we went to church. We went to 4 o'clock service, so we got dressed up. And I don't believe that we did on Christmas Day, because that was too much for (INAUDIBLE).

 TRIP DeMUTH: Do you recall her another time, her washing her hands after that time that you remember her bath on the 24th? And we talked yesterday about a lot of times that she could have. But specifically do you have any remember -- 

 PATSY RAMSEY: No, I can't specifically say when she would have washed her hands. 

TRIP DeMUTH: After she bathed though on the 24th, she would have had clean underwear on after that? 

PATSY RAMSEY: Oh, yeah.  I am sure she would have had clean underwear on the 25th, though, she'd just not have taken a bath. 

 TRIP DeMUTH: She would have changed them Christmas morning? 

PATSY RAMSEY: Or Christmas afternoon, getting dressed. Christmas morning,