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Not sure - jameson245 - 10-11-2018

According to a private attorney memo, and I have it filed under Coffman, Frank, Frank wrote an article and in it he said Pam Griffin had once said, "Patsy told me she wrote the practice note."  but later dismissed that as mere speculation.

The practice note was
Mr. and Mrs. l
I have often wondered if the killer really wrote that - or if it was Patsy starting some invitation - writing it down to bring to a printer.  That was never cleared up in any interviews or depositions. (Not that I am aware of.)

RE: Not sure - jameson245 - 01-28-2021

I have spoken to Pam Griffin more than once and read LONG interview transcripts. She denies ever telling Frank that - - said Patsy never told her she had written the practice note.

There is speculation that Patsy was never shown the "practice note' - - - we have no record showing she WAS. She may have questioned if it WAS a practice note, wondered if it was just something left in the pad that was unrelated to the crime.

RE: Not sure - jameson245 - 01-28-2021

Longmont, Colorado
Spring 1996

Pageant Seamstress
Pam Griffin Pam Griffin became the seamstress for JonBenet's Pageant Costumes

"In all, Pam Griffin made half a dozen outfits for JonBenet, some of which cost as much as $600. Several of the outfits were not typical pageant attire but more like theatrical costumes." (snip) "Nedra, who occasionally came to Pam's house with Patsy, showed her a photograph of an outfit with marabou and glitter. Nedra said it was just right for "Patsy's doll baby." [PMPTpg123sb]
[IMAGE] . Longmont, Colorado
Spring 1996

Pageant Coach
Kristine Griffin Kristine Griffin became JonBenet's Pageant Coach

"Kristine, a high school senior, loved to coach JonBenet. She taught her the walk, the wave, and the pageant poses on a small mock runway in her basement. The girls giggled, surrounded by the hundreds of costumes Pam was working on. Off to the side was one of Kristine's 8-foot-high trophies." (snip) "Patsy was paying Kristine $20 an hour for pageant lessons" [PMPTpg98sb]