Early Tests
I have a huge file now on DNA and want to let you know how some of the earliest tests came back.

The first DNA samples included the Ramsey family (John, Patsy, John Andrew, Melinda, Burke and Uncle Jeff) as well as Priscilla White, John Fernie, Linda Hoffmann and Mervin Pugh.  I have two forms on those samples - - a paper where it lists what was submitted to the lab and then a second paper, the report that said all those people were NOT the source of the DNA found mixed with the blood in JonBenet's panties. 

The police knew there was unidentified DNA left there just days after the murder but continued to push the parents as the #1 suspects.  Shameful, if you ask me.

But, as BORG would point out, there was (in the report) a note that these people could only be cleared if the DNA found was from a single source - - which we now know it was.  (Later advancements brought about more detailed results in the lab and now we have a profile for that DNA which could positively identify the source of the male DNA found mixed with the victim's blood in her panties.)

OK, so today I felt a need to share this paper with you - the result of tests done on samples submitted to the lab on 1/15/1997.  I do not know for sure the dates the samples were taken but this is when they were submitted to the lab.  These blood samples from possible suspects were compared to what we now know as GSLDPD99178617.

Sorry  but I have a problem shrinking larger pages to fit so I folded papers so you can see the date, the list of people tested and the end result declaring they did NOT match the DNA found in this case.

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