BORG hate
Along with hate posts go the troll sites launching attacks on Facebook sites that support the family . Very organized and viscious
One small consolation is that those facebook pages are pretty private. The hateful ones don't want to talk evidence and debate - - they just like the mutual admiration that goes with being BORG.
(09-18-2017, 01:46 PM)jameson245 Wrote: One small consolation is that those facebook pages are pretty private.  The hateful ones don't want to talk evidence and debate - -  they just like the mutual admiration that goes with being BORG.

Lol, you hit the nail on the head. All they want is admiration.. almost being tyrant. You question them and they are like "off with your head!"

Posted recently on Facebook - under a picture of John and Patsy Ramsey

Eileen Lilly posted " I can't bear to hear one more word out of either of their mouths."

Eileen, Patsy died a long time ago. I am sure you enjoy being "part of the gang", the BORG, with all their shared hatred and high fives when bashing the Ramseys (who have been cleared based on the same DNA that cleared Gary Oliva and others). But, really, have you got even a CLUE as to the facts of this case?

Rhetorical question, I know you have not.
Evelyn Jeffrey on Facebook wrote,

"I don't mind informing newcomers to groups of the facts & giving my opinions on posts but debating with people who are Ramsey supporters is a waste of everyone's time. They will never admit a Ramsey did it. They know a Ramsey did could they not if they are open minded to facts & evidence. But they will never stop supporting the Ramseys....and you can't actually admit you support a murderer now can you. So they remain "IDI""

Meanwhile she can't make a case supporting her very BORG position. Typical of Facebook forums and a good reason new followers of this case should NOT take Facebook as a serious source of truth.
Evelyn Jeffrey posted this on Facebook.

A list I put together of evidence in the case that points to Burke being her abuser & killer...
Burke had previous....he had whacked JonBenet on the head with a deadly weapon over a year before her death.
Burkes fingerprints were on the pineapple bowl & glass.
Burke placed himself downstairs during the timeframe of the murder, in his own words on The Phil show
Burkes knife that he used to whittle wood was near the spot JonBenet died.
The paintbrush used in the Garrote was whittled.
Whittled wood was found in her vagina.
Burkes DNA was found in the crotch of her panties, mixed with her blood from a vaginal injury.
Evidence of digital penetration only....something boys tend to do to their victims. Rather than adults.
Burkes DNA on Longjohns
Burkes DNA on the Barbie nightie
Burkes [Image: 1f4a9.png]? was on her bedroom floor in his pjs & on her candy box
Burke lied about being in the room during the 911 call.
Burke owned the same type of boots that left the footprint in the basement.
Burkes friend Doug gave evidence at the Grand Jury.
Burke was seeing a psychologist before & after the murder which suggests there was a problem with his mental health. The behavioural books from Nedra back that up & the fact that they tried to hide his medical records from police also back that up. Also Judith Phillips witnessed odd behaviour from him that suggests mental health issues. Angry outbursts & a dislike of being touched.
Burke is the only one with motive. He was jealous of JonBenet & the attention she got according to a family friend. He clearly resented don't smear your own shit on your sister's stuff for nothing. And each time she was whacked on the head she had just received gifts. Plus he told the psychologist that he did not like that his parents didn't buy him expensive toys(even though he got the latest games console that year).
There is obviously much more evidence pointing to Burke than anyone else....
I can make a REALLY good argument for each of the Ramseys. That’s the problem.

The only thing I know FOR CERTAIN - is a Ramsey did it.

Linda7NJ, Oct 21, 2019

(Just a typical BORG post - wanted to share.)

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