BORG hate
I decided to share this hateful post from another forum, to start a kind of collection showing how hateful the BORG could become when there was clear evidence of an intruder and the family was actually cleared by a district attorney in charge of the case.  This kind of hate really confuses me.

Blacchippie says:
March 3, 2017 

Honestly speaking I don’t understand why we’re still wasting time with this, the Ramsey family did it….the case would’ve been solved but because Mr and Mrs Ramsey didn’t want it to be solved they failed to cooperate with the police
But Mrs Ramsey got what’s hers tho….cause she’s dead and since Jonbenét knows the truth so she’ll face her daughter (that’s the true justice she’ll be facing)
Interesting Blacchippie thinks it is so easy to get away with murder just by refusing to cooperate (I think she means confess).

And while I admit I am not an overly religious person, I did read a few religious books over the years and never saw it written that a murdered child whose innocent heart would presumably mean her spirit would go to Heaven would ever have to face - - as far as Blacchippie believes - - her killer. That almost seems like something that would happen in Hell.

Just saying.

I also want to say I got to know Patsy Ramsey in real life before she died. We had several private conversations and touched on all kinds of subjects. I don't believe she was involved in the murder of her child or would ever knowingly place her child in any danger at all. If there is justice after death, she and JonBenet were reunited in a better place and never have to deal with anyone as cruel and hateful as JonBenet's killers or the BORG who did all they could to hurt her innocent parents.

I have read so many BORG posts and theories - - amazing how they accuse and rant and - - - not only make no effort to make a real case against the parents but ignore the evidence that points to an intruder. They just make the accusation, point fingers, high-five each other and move on. How wrong is that?
debra says:
….it was a bed-wetting, menopausal, x-mas exhaustive breakdown…and she was probably drunk as well when she slammed her kid in the bathroom floor area !!!!

Doesn't care that the bed was not wet - she wet herself in the basement when and where her life was snuffed out.

Doesn't matter that there is no evidence Patsy was having menopausal problems, while she had lived through cancer and menstruation was a thing of the past, she had no history of deviant behavior or even a bad temper. But Debra doesn't want to hear that.

Doesn't matter that the people who were with Patsy in the days and hours before the murder didn't feel she was stressed out - she LIKED the planning and travel and was good at organizing it and keeping on the move. No, Debra has he having a breakdown that NO ONE noticed.

Drunk? No one ever said that. Yes, she had some wine, no secret or sin there - - but DRUNK? I think the post says more about Debra than Patsy Ramsey.
People who claim that the skull injuries, including a punched-out region, could possibly have been caused by Patsy slamming JonBenét into the floor or onto the edge of a bathtub and so on, have ZERO understanding of the physics involved and shouldn't be talking about what they think happened because they are not remotely qualified to do so. 

By the way, this includes a "simple structural engineer" that Candy found some time ago after being disappointed by talking with a physicist.  This "simple structural engineer" didn't seem to fully comprehend the principle of conservation of energy.  Nor did this individual seem to be aware of the fact that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) used finite-element codes for analyzing head injuries.

One of the most amazing things about the Ramsey case is that it exposes so many people that one would think WERE qualified to talk about related subjects to actually be quite incompetent.

But again, people who think that slamming JonBenét into something flat or not very sharply rounded don't know what they are talking about.  Instead, it's extremely, extremely likely that some weapon was swung onto her head.

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