misinformation from other forums
Robert James Miller wrote:  "There was JonBenet's vomit on the floor where there was mold..."

There is no record of vomit in any case documents.
I was under that assumption also but you're correct as usual. I had to amend my post too. I try to source properly but it's not always easy.
Not a problem. Sometimes I read a post and wonder how the hello I missed THAT - - then I look at the source and remember some people make up stuff.
Another misconception is that the DNA was from a mixed sample. Keep in mind Bode as well as every other lab deals with gang rape and multiple source samples all the time. They actually found multiple samples on the long johns. That is not a mixed sample and matches the original sample found in the panty. Upon searching this story, I found it comes from a single source and all others just passed their story on. Not the way this info would be handled if true.
T Cowen has this as part of his BDI theory - - but no matter how hard police tried to find anything against the Ramseys, they never found this.

John, a small-time crook and money launderer, lives with his wife and son in Atlanta. Through his associations, he learns of a place where the DA never prosecutes criminals. He and his family move to this perfect town— Boulder, Colorado.

Lockheed Martin is a major defense contractor and there is a powerful criminal element attached to this company. These criminals belong to the West Coast mob. The mob will use Lockheed’s business to gain respect for their illegal activities. This mob will help John set up his money laundering business in Boulder.

This criminal element wants to appear as a good and constructive member of the community. One of their goals was to make as many influential friends as they could. This mob supported several charities and offered the well-connected lavish social events throughout the year. In the 1990’s, they provided the politically connected with generous loan opportunities and gave parties for their friend's enjoyment. John Ramsey, Fleet White, and Alex Hunter enjoyed the social life the mob provided.
There is no evidence John was less than honest in any of his dealings. No evidence he was into money laundering or that Lockheed set him up anywhere.

He was friends with a neighbor, Fleet White - - they met through their kids, then wives, interactions. He did not know Alex Hunter.

Just documenting a few things.

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