Other crimes showing psychopaths' abilities and personalities
The point of this thread is to point out other crimes where the killer or killers were brutal, daring.... well, psychopaths.

The question is as follows: "What kind of person kidnapped, tortured, sexually assaulted and murdered JonBenet Ramsey.

Was it your typical loving, protective parent? No. It was someone who had to be in control and enjoyed hurting someone else. Someone who didn't accidentally hurt someone in an instant but someone who considered the crime beforehand, who gathered tools of his trade and looked forward to the violent act. Someone who took his time hurting this child before ending her life.

There have been other killers like him -- and this is a thread for them.

Jessica Lunsford was 9 years old, lived with her father and grandparents in a trailer. You wouldn't think anyone would be daring enough to go into a trailer with 3 adults in it to kidnap a child capable of fighting back. But that is just what John Couey did.

He had a history of child molestation, was not supposed to be in that trailer park had failed to keep up with local authorities --- and had relatives willing to lie for him.

Consider how many chances this man took.

He snuck into the trailer where he knew there were three other adults -- took a nine year old from her bed at 3 am, told her to be quiet and follow him. She did.

He then brought her into a trailer he was sharing with his relatives. He raped her, had her spend time in his bed until he shut her in a closet - again with orders to keep quiet --- and she complied!

He kept her alive for at least three days - fed her, raped her repeatedly, went to work, returned home and raped heer again -- all while search teams were looking for Jessica in the neighborhood.

Finally he decided to kill her and buried her alive with her favorite stuffed dolphin. Not miles away but close to the trailers they called home.

What kind of person DOES that?

A psychopath. A man on a mission who was going to let nothing get in his way.

(Couey died in September of 2009 of natural causes.)

This is the kind of person we are looking for in the Ramsey case - someone who saws JonBenet, made a plan and followed through on it. It may not have gone as planned - in fact, I am sure it did not. But that doesn't change the profile of the person who would do this.
John Brewer Eustace entered the bedroom shared by Elizabeth and her big sister. He grabbed the younger girl, told the older sister Elizabeth was his baby now -- and left through the window.
The older sister told her parents and the search was on. It was all over the papers and on the news --- and John took Elizabeth back to the rooming house where everyone heard the child in his room cry - scream -- AND NO ONE CALLED THE POLICE! Eustace simply said the child was his sister's kid, crying for her momma -- and they ignored her screams. A couple days later, he decided NOT to kill Elizabeth but dropped her off in a fenced in back yard. She was found in the morning by the owner of that house and the woman called Elizabeth's mother, told her Elizabeth was quietly eating cereal and waiting for her mother to come get her. Her mother was happy to fly to her daughter's side.
John Brewer Eustace is now spending the rest of his life in a NC prison.
Again -- look at the risks he was willing to take to get what he wanted. He not only took the child, left a witness, took her to a full house and let them all hear her screams. He didn't care about the risks - it was all about doing as he pleased.
This is the kind of person who took JonBenet from her bed.
A case closer to home - took place in Boulder, Colorado.
As yet unsolved, this victim was a bit older than JonBenet (14) but they went to the same dance school. Is that a possible link? I don't know.
This intruder entered the house while mother and daughter were out, they got home and the mother set the alarm system --- so we know he didn't enter later. He waited until they settled in for the night -- and that was not right away but a couple hours later. Then he went to the girl's room, called her by name, warned her to be quiet..Did not undress her but proceeded to sexually assault her.
Her mother heard something going on, interrupted the assault and the man fled. Fortunately, the child survived.
This crime has not been solved, and there are some big differences between this crime and the murder of JonBenet -- but the fact it happened in Boulder, the digital penetration and lack of other acts --- it has to be considered -- could it be the same pervert?
There was a hair collected at the scene but no follicle attached meant no DNA. Last I heard they were waiting for the DNA science to progress to a point they could get DNA from the shaft, not needing the follicle.
Just food for thought.

NOTE: I think this assailant may be the one mentioned in the GLOBE and National Enquirer in June of 2017 - a pervert who made a deal - - a plea bargain where he avoided having his DNA compared in either the Ramsey case or this one. My best information says he should have been considered in the list of top ten suspects - - and he was by some - - but he may have gotten away with murder by accepting a 32 year prison sentence.
Another abduction, not a murder, but remember the case of Elizabeth Smart -- taken from a house full of people, from a bed she shared with her sister.
This is the kind of risk-taker we are looking for.
And don't forget how Polly Klaus was taken from her home during a slumber party with her mom home and 2 friends in the room with her. Richard Allen Davis climbed right in the window, tied up her friends, and took Polly at knife point and then raped and murdered her.

Sexually sadistic risk takers are the monsters who live among us.
Another poster added this to the thread on TOPIX

The Oakland County Child Killer staged one of the bodies neatly in the snow, within view of the Troy Police Station. He also trolled the police with a fake meetup (and a long, twisted letter much like the Son of Sam letter, prior to the writing of the Son of Sam letter), and police actually believe he might have come in and sat down next to them to have a drink.
He also would clean the clothes by washing them before neatly dressing the victims and killing them. He also fed Timothy King his favorite food before killing him. The levels of his taunting know no real equal (with exception to the Zodiac). It is ultimately why I believe he might be responsible, but as you have pointed out, jameson, the saddest part of this case is how many people are out there like this. It is far more than we would ever hope to imagine.
Danielle van Dam, another child missing from her bed and found murdered.
I am not sure they have the right man on death row for that one, watched the trial, he was a creep, but I don't believe they proved he killed her. Still, someone did. And her parents were having a party that night. Someone was very daring.

(Personally, I think Westerfield was guilty of other things but not of this murder. I think someone got away with murder and wish they did not.)
(06-12-2017, 11:18 AM)jameson245 Wrote: machlin  commented on Jessica Lunsford murder

I see two possible similarities to the JBR case. Besides the type of nut who did it, HIS FAMILY KNEW AND KEPT QUIET.
Just as in many cases recently where forensics technicians will fearfully align their "test results" and conclusions to conform to their brash and ambitious cohorts in LE, in order to preserve their jobs,
the families of the perpetrators will keep quiet to avoid the scandal and job jeopardy if they were to turn their kinfolks in.
Wives often know that their husband is mafia, serial rapist etc, but keep quiet to keep their financial security.
Imagine if you let your old college buddy, a traveling salesman, use your spare room whenever he passes through town. You would be mortified if he had done the JBR crime, but it would jeopardize your position in the National Guard Reserves and you job and your church standing to turn him in. He would tell that you used drugs in college. "Better to just pretend it never happened" is, unfortunately what most people would probably say.
I responded:

SO many people could have spoken up and didn't. They saw how being a peripheral character in this case disturbed the lives of people like the Whites, the Stantons, Pasta Jay and others. Merriman, he worked with John, gave 7 handwriting samples, and it was reported in the news. Imagine how people looked at him when he went to lunch!
It was a shame how it happened, but I do fear the person with the answer just made a choice to be quiet. How sad is that?

machlin answered :

I remember a story where the man noticed a backpack abandoned at a large festival and he reported it. The area was evacuated before the bomb blew up and many lives were saved.
And the cops arrested the guy who first reported the backpack, saying he did it for attention and glory. The media had a frenzy against the guy, saying he didn't have enough friends and that he was an overweight loner. In the end it turned out the bomb was left by some radical group. After seeing that pogrom, why would any fat person or black person want to report anything?

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