Foliage caught under the grate
This is a crime scene photo taken the day JonBenét's body was found.  Note the foliage is trapped under the grate.  Most people believe this, and the disturbance on the window ledge, and the broken spider web (part on ledge and some hanging from the open window) is evidence that someone went in or out that night.
NARRATOR - That open basement window was at the side of the house, underneath an unlocked metal grill.  According to Smit, if an intruder had got in this way, there would be evidence here on the outside, as well as on the inside.

LOU SMIT - And that's exactly what the photographs show me.  There was a great deal of foliage which was on the front of the grate and it had actually been pinched under the leading edge of that grate.  Even when you pick the grate up, you can see very clearly that there was green foliage right on the plate the grate rested on.

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