BORG Theories
None of these ever resulted in any evidence being found to support them, but it should be noted what the theories were.

John did it.  He had been sexually abusing her and she was going to tell so.... 

John did it because there was no porn on his computers - - but the posters know he was into that kind of thing.  He HAD traveled to the Netherlands, after all.

Patsy did it.  She caught John molesting JonBenet and took a swing and......     then John and Patsy worked together to cover the whole thing because they needed to save the family.....  and they stayed together until death did them part.

Patsy did it because the dry bed was wet.

Patsy did it because she was about to turn 40.

Patsy did it because she was a very clever psychopath for just a few hours.

Patsy did it because ....   anything you can imagine was used against her by BORG so feel free to ad lib here.  She was like Ma Brady's mother and SHE could be a witch.  She was like Jeff Shapiro's mother and SHE was a Romper Room Lady.  She was like JMK's mother and SHE tried to kill JMK!

Burke did it because JonBenét was snitching a piece of his pineapple at 1 am.  While on some drug that would make that pineapple instantly appear on the other side of her stomach.

The theories are endless, but there is no evidence to support any of them.
Dont forget the one Patsy was jealous of JonBenet in pageants! Or Burke was getting all the attention so he killed her!! LOL

All bullshit.
Had to laugh at this one. A thread on Patsy "claiming" she went down the stairs and stepped over the step with the note on it, turned and read it without picking it up - she's such a lair!

Well, she never said she didn't pick it up, she clearly did, showed it to JOhn. Then we have this post by Linda Mott:

Linda Mott Then you have people like good old Jams saying that she actually did it on those same stairs and it CAN be done. I'm like whoop-di-do Jams, just because it can be done that doesn't mean it WAS done. ? Good Lord! Imbeciles abound in this case.

My response - Yes, Linda, the Internet is full of imbeciles who follow the leader and ignore the facts, the evidence, the truth. I happen to know for a fact that any adult can walk down the steps and skip one if they choose to. Also know it would make sense not to step on loose paper so would be logical to step over it. Leaning DOWN to pick it up would be dangerous.

Since her footprints weren't on the note, I am going to believe she stepped over it.

You can follow your BORG theory and say the note was never ON the stairs - - but can you prove that? No.

Fact is, the Ramseys were cleared by DNA. Live with that.

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